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    Thanksgiving Decor Inspiration

    Thursday, November 20, 2008

    I must confess.

    This year I've been at a loss with my decorating for Thanksgiving. It could be attributed to the fact that our family has recently expanded with the arrival of our little boy. My energies are obviously focused on he and his big sister. But I don't think this is it.

    Everywhere I look I see the same generic sticks in a vase, wreaths with obligatory fall fruits, and leaves artfully scattered atop various surfaces. Now I'm not saying they're not beautiful, beacuse they are. I even have said generic wreath adorning our front door (and it's quite the attractive welcoming piece).

    I suppose I've just needed a jolt of something fresh. Something simple, with the elegance I've been craving, but with a twist. And it must use pumpkins.

    Et voila!

    I took one glance at this photograph from abacho's photostream and just about died. Delighted didn't even cover half of what I felt. From the crispness of the barrel shades atop the buffet lamps to the symmetrical styling, it was perfect. Soft grey walls with white accents created exactly what I was looking for.

    And she even used a pumpkin!

    It's simple. Elegant. A touch of modern to a classic style-which happens to be what our family favors. They say immitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I admit, my creative juices are flowing after being fortunate enough to have found this picture.

    Our formal dining room is in shades of taupe and moss, a nod to my memories of New Orleans foliage, but I'm tempted to do a variation on this Fall-ish theme.

    Come back and see what unfolds in the dining area of Chez Quon!