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    Busy Bee and Happy Six Months Old, Little One

    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    "Where have you been? What happened to Friday's (and Thursday's) posts?"

    These are the questions I was bombarded with this past weekend via email. How nice! It was good to be missed.

    To answer your questions, friends, life happened. I woke up every morning with the intention to write as soon as my little one went back to sleep. But life would call, beckoning me away from my awaiting laptop, and as I mentioned before, my infant blog would be put on hold.

    This weekend I was super busy with sewing our stockings, trimming our mantels, crafting with our eldest, and taking her to parties. This is just a little of what our entire weekend consisted of, but it was fun. Busy is good.

    So would you all like a glimpse into just what we were doing? Further details to come. Enjoy!

    The mouldings above our hearth room mantel (and the mantel itself) have been decorated with a palate of reds and golds. Our kitchen is very large with dark cabinetry and granite, so throughout we try to inject brighter colors. This is also the room where we proudly display our eldest's art work, so the mantel is purposely made to be fun for the children.

    I have a habit of sewing in our dining room. I don't know why, it's not the best idea, but the light is best in the daytime and the table accommodates my many yardages of fabric (criteria needed for proper sewing space-at least for me!). Above are our four new stockings. Each is a beautiful grey-green khaki linen. As you can see, they're still a work in progress,but as of this evening, they are almost done.

    My eldest and I spent an hour or so on Saturday making a wrapping paper wreath for her bedroom door. It was repetitive work, but she loved getting to decorating the entrance to her room, and I enjoyed crafting along side her. Wasn't the end result fantastic?

    Happy six months old, sweet petite. I cannot believe how much time has passed. Cliche? Of course. But so very true as well. My little one, you are great in many ways. Your smile, your enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity, your love for everyone you come into contact with-but most especially your big sister-is so heartwarming. May you never loose any of these qualities, and only continue to grow in all your wondrous ways. We love you.

    2 Responses to “Busy Bee and Happy Six Months Old, Little One”

    Ruth said...

    I can't beleive Jackson is 6 months old. Boy does time fly by.
    I wish I had a 10th of your creativity.


    nkp said...

    I saw your wrapping paper wreath featured on Simply Seleta. What a fantastic idea and your end result is completely adorable. I love how it's festive and whimsical without being overly holiday. Your little one is precious! Thanks for sharing.