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    Deck the Halls with Lots of Shopping!

    Friday, December 26, 2008

    A Doiron/Quon family tradition is to get up early the morning after Christmas to hit all of the wonderous sales. This year they're bound to be even better due to the economy. It seems wrong to benefit from it, but if it means I can get my children more clothing for less, can you really complain?

    Pictures will be taken, fine dining will be enjoyed, and many a thrifty purchase will be made for each family member.

    What will you all be doing on your December 26th?

    2 Responses to “Deck the Halls with Lots of Shopping!”

    Ruth said...

    how was the shopping? and y'all are brave.

    The Southern Lady said...

    The shopping was nice, though it would have been more enjoyable if I hadn't been under the weather. It made the running about much less stressful, though. I had many different hands lovingly caring for the children while I took a (albeit reluctant) backseat to the action.