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    Hearst Heiress : My Love for Amanda Hearst and her Style

    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    I'll be honest. When I hear the word "heiress" I cringe because of who first comes to mind. I won't even type their names as I'll feel the need to mentally bathe afterwards. No offense to those who love them, they're simply not my cup of tea.

    In any case. During my last pregnancy I was pretty ill during the first half and spent many days in bed watching whatever could take my mind of being nauseous. One E! television show focused on heirs and heiresses and I distinctly remember rolling my eyes heavenward. Party girls and boys wasting the days away. Being pretty and fluff-brained is what came to mind, but I was pretty desperate.

    Imagine when I found myself more than a little interested in the profile on Amanda Hearst, great granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst (and niece to Patty). Not only was she beautiful (something one must bear genetically to be a worthy heir or heiress apparantly), but stylish. And! She went to college. She went to Boston College and Fordham where she studied art history.

    It was pretty refreshing to see her enjoying the milder side of being uber-rich, but also being responsible with what was at her disposal. She continues to inspire me with her updated feminine clothing. She seems to favor bias-cut dresses, skirts and gowns that show her legs. Coats seem to nod to the Jackie O. era, but everything she dons has a modern twist. She those black tights with her mod white coat? Those fantastic clutches? May I please have one of everything in your closet, Miss Hearst?

    Whatever she chooses to wear is tasteful and appropriate. It's fabulous and flirty. Amanda Hearst is my modern day style icon and I invite you all to take a peek into some of my faovrite looks.


    Photograph courtesy of Patrick McMullan

    Photograph courtsey of Patrick McMullan

    Photograph courtesy of Patrick McMullan

    Photograph courstey of Patrick McMullan

    Photograph courtesy of Roger Moens from Men Style.com