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    Reflections : Things I Loved About 2008

    Wednesday, December 31, 2008

    The much anticipated arrival of our little miracle. There had been speculation whether or not my husband and I would be able to have more children, so to bring this precious life into the world brought a deeper appreciation for motherhood than I ever expected.

    Watching our eldest grow into a "tween". Though I loathe the term, it happens to be the age groupe that she's now in. Personally, I prefer to call her a young lady. Almost nine, and growing ever more smart, kind, and beautiful, my daughter is leaving her own footprint in this world. I think it's a brighter place because of her.

    Watching our new little one get into the spirit of his first Christmas. Or at least, get into the presents. Our sneaky bug was found crawling through the gifts under the tree and it may interest you to know that the only gifts he showed interest in were his own.

    Adoring the smile of my baby. His mouth doesn't simply lift in the corners. His eyes light up, his cheeks dimple and raise, and his entire body wiggles with delight. Nothing is sweeter than that.

    Watching my daughter try-out and make Charlotte United Football Club's Challenge Soccer League. This was big, friends. I mean huge. For five seasons our eldest played with Charlotte Junior Soccer-which was a league anyone could play in. But as some children do as they get older, the want more of a challenge and a taste of competition. Enter the try-outs. No one was guaranteed a spot. Most of her soccer friends were trying out. Her love for the game propelled her forward, though, and out of the 200 that tried out, I am proud to say our eldest was one of the 45 that was accepted in to the 2008-2009 Challenge League. Way to go my darling girl!

    Having a maid service. Considering the state of things this seems a frivolous expense. But until you've been pregnant, incredibly ill, and severely behind in all of your home upkeep, don't turn up your nose. My parents hired several maids to clean our home until I was feeling better. Surprisingly, even when I was feeling better and no longer with child, I found that I enjoyed the extra time I could spend with my children and husband. No longer did I have to worry about keeping up with chores as often as I used to. Decision? We kept the maids and haven't regreted it for a minute.

    Our children celebrating their first Halloween together. Our little pumpkin was protected in the unlikely arms of the elder Clone Trooper. And despite the chill that evening, a fun time was had by all.

    Behold! Our eldest is eight! As well liked as she is sweet, this birthday party in April had invites sent out into the 40's. As in friends. Thank goodness we had the entire play complex rented for the afternoon! It was a delightful time and as our lovely girl hand picked exactly what she wanted for cake and party treats, there was nothing left for her to think about except having the best time with her many friends. I am slightly concerned with how to handle her parties as she gets older.

    Attending our eldest's final soccer tournament. This one was very special as the girls all donned special tie-dyed jerseys instead of their Club's green or white. Why the special shirt, you ask? It was to support and honor the brother of a team player who is stricken with cancer. It was a touching way to end the Fall season.

    Watching our eldest make her First Communion. As the Catholic parent in our family, I thought this would have meant more to me than my husband. But he was just as excited for our daughter's big day. My parents sat with us in a pew designated by a banner made by our daughter. And no one was more excited than she when Father Gary gave her her first consecrated host.

    What wonderful things will 2009 bring? Only time will tell. But I do know this, several projects are on the horizon, one of which being my husband's new office. Stay tuned for the first project of Chez Quon for 2009!

    2 Responses to “Reflections : Things I Loved About 2008”

    Ruth said...

    Y'all did have many joys to celebrate in 2008. And I know there will be many more to come.
    And I love how Jackson already knows that Aunt Ruth gives the good stuff. Love the shot you have of him reaching for one his gifts from me. :)

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    You daughter is so gorgeous! Congrats with her soccer and first communion! I hope 2009 is just as blessed for you and yours!