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    A Gallery of Children's Art

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Since she was able to stick her fingers in tubs of paint and hold crayons, I've been hanging picture after picture of our eldests on our refrigerator and other places within our homes. I just love watching her imagination and artistic talents grow. But it got to a point where the pictures were becoming something I wanted to put other places than the side of our trusty food-saver. I began thinking of creative ways to put my daughter's art on display.

    Our kitchen is very large. It has the actual kitchen area, the area in which we eat, and a hearth area. Because of the size we have many blank walls, et voila! One day while pondering the art dilemma and a "what to do with this wall space" dilemma, the two problems converged into a fabulous solution.*

    Our eldests gallery of fantastic art. This spans the early Elementary Age: Kindergarten to Second Grade.

    One of my favorite pieces.

    My absolute favorite, however, is the silhouette that she made for Mother's Day two years ago. Hers stood out from everyone else's since she has such long eyelashes (and yes, I'm aware of where they are on the image).

    This was a simple project with minimal cost and items. Better yet, you can use this gallery method on art that isn't made just by your children!

    For this project you'll need:

    An exacto knife (this is definitely not a part of the project for the children),

    poster glue-I love Martha Stewart's,

    black poster board,

    and a frame that is the appropriate size for your child's artwork (or yours!).

    Simply use the back of your frame as a guide for cutting your poster board down to size. Use the exacto knife for precision. Align your art and center it on said poster board, then glue it down. Place your much loved piece of art inside the frame and now you're ready to hang and create your own little gallery of priceless artwork.

    The beauty in this project is that it really can be used to display any piece of art or image that you choose, using any shade of craft paper or poster board, and even any frame. It's a simple do-it-yourself project that costs nothing, but certainly doesn't look that way.

    It's been a treat to show my little girl's art in a way looks more put-together than it used to. Not only has it filled up some blank canvases, but our daughter has taken special pride in seeing her favorite works on display.

    Are you feeling crafty?

    *Note: I have no idea why our wall color looks like two different shades in these pictures. Flash perhaps?

    One Response to “A Gallery of Children's Art”

    AD said...

    I had been a child prodigy in art when i was young:->
    Dont let Madeline(i suppose thats her name.) let go of her hobby.
    Always encourage her.
    Oh, do visit my blog-adkaal.blogspot.com.
    i like ur style of writing.
    chow :->!!