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    I Am Loving . . .

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Sasha and Malia Obama. I know the country is already swooning over these two, but doesn't this picture say it all? They're cute, sassy, and no doubt will provide a lighter side to our new administration. There is something very special about them, and whether or not their father was the new President, it would still be very obvious.

    Boxes from Hermes. I have no business even going into this store in Southpark, but I do. Just to look. Everything is fabulous. But to be honest, I like the boxes a little bit more than the merchandise.

    Dr. John. This famous New Orleanian has a voice that can inflame even the most sedate of people. His music is as much a taste of the Crescent City as a bowl of Gumbo. If you've never listened to him, I suggest you do so right away-he is just phenomenal.

    Kashi's Mediterranean Pizza. Most of Kashi's products are good, while some are just all right. But when my local grocery store stopped carrying my favorite organically made Greek pizza (darn you Cedar Lane!), I started looking for suitable alternatives. I gave this product a try three days ago, and while it's nowhere near the same, the flavor is amazing. I am a full-fledged convert.

    Godiva's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Shake. It's a bit much for everyday, but everytime I'm in Southpark, I can't help but go to Godiva to order one. It's sooooo delicious!

    2 Responses to “I Am Loving . . .”

    Ruth said...

    Great now Godiva is on my mind. And have you tried Whole Foods market for the pizza you like. I am in love with a salsa from there these days.

    bojolais said...

    Are the Obama girls awesome? So many things to like about our new First Family.

    I also love the Kashi pizzas. Have you tried the Amy's ones? Also very good!