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    Day Five : My Funny Valentine

    Thursday, February 5, 2009


    My favorite things happen to be the ones my eldest has made for me. They're all over the house and look like knick-knacks to most eveyrone else. But they're my little girl. They're projects, paintings, even pictures that she took great pride in creating. They mark milestones and times in her life that are now years passed. Here come the tears.

    One of my absolute favorites is a sweet wooden picture frame she gave to me for Valentine's two years ago. She was in first grade. It was once plain, but she painted it a vibrant red. She added wooden hearts and flowers, sitcker ones, too, and glitter that made it extra special.

    Then she had a picture inserted that either her teacher took, and voila! I had a keepsake to last a lifetime. And it has. I have never put it away. It isn't out for only Valentine's.

    It's my daughter, and she's always with me.


    And yes, those are Mardig Gras beads she's wearing. My little cajun queen!