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    Day Fourteen : Pink and Red and Sweet All Over

    Sunday, February 15, 2009

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    As Valentine's Day approaches each year, the world becomes a pink and red explosion. It's not that I don't like these colors; they're pretty, bright, and cheerful.

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    But I'm ready for them to take a backseat after the actual candy-filled celebration.

    Let's see the lovely shades of spring with kelley greens and cerulean blues.

    While I wait for them to appear, I like looking back at the pictures of Valentine's with my children. Seeing their joy and excitement makes everything worth it. Eldest is still engrossed with the fact that gorging on candy is actually encouraged. Score! Our youngest, though, just liked the shiny papers and envelopes.

    And he LOVED his new blanket.

    My creation
    Where ever he went, along came his heart-covered blanket.

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    When you have children, holidays or days where you have cause to celebrate become something more precious. You'll go that extra mile to see them smile and discover a creative facet you never imagine existed. Because really, before my children did we ever make heart-shaped pancakes and grilled cheeses?

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    Not that I can remember. But I thank God for these two little hearts with great spirits. They encourage me daily to be a better person and to love and give with all of my heart.

    And isn't that what Valentine's should be about?

    2 Responses to “Day Fourteen : Pink and Red and Sweet All Over”

    Ruth said...

    I saw the blanket at Target yesterday and I thought of Jax.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Yay! A day with Jackson on the brain is a good one indeed.

    Honestly, the blanket was something I couldn't pass up. It was inexpensive (key!), soft, and too cute for words.

    That he loves it only confirms that it was a great purchase.