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    Day Six : Historic

    Thursday, February 5, 2009

    My creation

    One of my favorite areas in Charlotte is the historic district of Dilworth. If we lived there, life would be perfect-but as it is, it's a little more than we can afford. Ok, alot more. We're just fortunate that our eldest attends school there, and I'm on the Board of said school, so we have excuse after excuse to go into the area.

    It really is beautiful. See those pictures above? Those are just a few small examples of the homes in the area. There's also Latta Park, where outdoor films are shown all spring and summer and the playground where the children go for storytime festivals. And of course, one of my favorite Starbucks-built into a small cottage off of East Boulevard-a street known for its trendy restaraunts and fun shops.

    One day, friends. One day.