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    Sky Blue Walls and Clouds of Matelasse

    Tuesday, March 10, 2009

    Growing up in New Orleans, ninety percent of the year was warm to hot to miserable. We'd get a cold snap somewhere in Winter, but it never lasted long. Nevertheless, my mother kept up a habit of changing out bed linens-covers and sheets-when the seasons moved from the warmer to the cooler, and vice versa. It was something she picked up from her mother, and it's a little something I've continued with. We'll just call it a quirky southern tradition since I know plenty of other people who do this.

    Sometimes I think it must drive my husband a little batty because this means extra bedding for three rooms (now four). He's never said anything to me, being the nice guy that he is, but I'm fairly sure he thinks I'm off my rocker for doing it.

    And since Spring is starting to show her lovely head, guess what I started doing today? That's right! I began folding down the comforters and duvets and pulling out matelasse's. The first room was my daughter's.

    My creation

    It's such a special, pretty room to me. The bed is a Tester, from my girlhood days. It was a thrill to pass it down to my own daughter. My mother and I made the bedding and draperies, and my daughter picked out the lovely shade of Wedgewood blue. It reminds me of a clear summer day. Isn't it refreshing?

    I folded down her comforter, placed her snazzy gold pillows near her bumble-bee embroidered pillow, and let Spring begin to soak in. It was as if a soothing calm washed over the entire room.


    All I needed was the big girl herself to complete the picture, and everything would be perfect. But I suppose this little fellow would do in a pinch! In fact, he almost matches the room.

    canon march 053

    Because that's where every little brother belongs, right? In his big sisters bedroom. Shhh! Don't tell her he was there! Kidding, friends.

    In any case, the transformation from the coziness of winter bedding is slowly making way for the balmyness of the warmer days to come. I'm hoping to find something to place on the wall over eldest's bed-especially since looking at these pictures I realize how stark the space is.

    Any suggestions?

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    Sky Blue Walls and Clouds of Matelasse

    Ruth said...

    I vote for a picture of Aunt Ruth. :) lol

    The Southern Lady said...

    Every room should have a picture of Aunt Ruth! ;)

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    What about some personal touches like the little vignette you assembled for Jackson Perry's room? I love seeing items the child (or young lady in our case) loves or their hobbies on display. May be you could find an old vanity that coordinates with your gorgeous bed and dress that up?

    I would also may be have two pieces of framed art above the headboard... something to fill that space would be pretty.

    Just my two pennies!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Ah, I think I was pretty vague inrefreence to the starkenss in my eldest's room.

    I'm in complete agreement with hanging two portraits (pictures) above her bed. We used to have two lovely botanicals, but she decreed in her 6th year that it was far too girly. Heaven forbid! Lol. I may just hang them back up and see what she says.

    Now her other peiece of furniture definitely have lives of their own. She has a wonderful spindle-like bedside table that screams my daughter's personality. I'll put pictures up. Her dresser, however, does need a little something...special.

    It has gorgeous french lamps atop it's surface and a wonderful piece of art she made in first grade framed above. It is off to a great start. I just don't want it to become a second catch-all (like her bedside table).

    I'm trying to figure out a plan...

    The Southern Lady said...

    And pennies are both always welcomed and appreciated, Sarah. Many thanks!