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    It's A Little Thing

    Tuesday, April 7, 2009

    With every holiday or significant change in season, we tend to embrace it with open arms. Be it on a grand or small scale, we like to just go for it and see how our plans work out. Sometimes things do, sometimes things don't. At least we tried.

    It's a little thing.

    For myself and my daughter, we have a particular weakness for cocktail napkins. I'm not sure why, but give me a colorfully designed bunch of Caspari and I'm happy as a kid in a candy store. And can I tell you how excited my daughter is at her school lunchtime? Every day she opens up her soccer ball lunch box to see just what seasonal napkin is waiting for her.


    It's a little thing.

    Sometimes she carries a regular napkin or even a paper towel, and it makes the surprise of her "fun napkins" even sweeter. She enjoys this simple pleasure.

    It's a little thing.

    We're odd ducks, we can admit it. But there's just something about those small square napkins with vibrant Easter eggs, spooky witches and warm autumnal leaves. And Christmastime...the most heavenly patterns in plaids, stripes, and polk-a-dots find their way under every beverage, into every bag, and are even used to wipe our wee one's mouth.

    It's a little thing.

    How funny is it that wispy paper with vivid colors bring the biggest smiles to our faces? We have the eggs for the hunt, the bunnies and ducks and baskets ready to be filled. But God help us, it's the napkins that we go straight for when we're enjoying snacks or a morning cup of coffee. We look for excuses to use them.

    And to find them cheap as can be at Home Goods or Target? You may just find me doing a joyful dance.

    It's a little thing.

    The little things can brighten our days in a way nothing else can, but somehow we tend to overlook them because they're not as obvious. Our little cocktail napkins may be whimsical, but each one reminds me how even the smallest and unexpected thing can make a difference in a person's day.

    My challenge to you, friends, is to stop and slow down today. Take time to appreciate both big and small, the sensible and the frivolous.

    It's a little thing.

    But it can make all the difference in the world.

    And now because I love our little napkin-holding alligator, Maurice, another picture.


    3 Responses to “
    It's A Little Thing

    Ruth said...

    To funny! Nanny always had a lot of fun napkins around when we were kids and we were allowed to pick out one to eat with at each meal. It was so much fun!!!

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    It's ALL about the little things! Derek's Grandmother is a cocktail napkin collector as well, so I find myself always on the hunt for clever designs. I most recently found some on Etsy with a Hermes Birkin bag on them and since she is the only woman I know with a Birkin, I HAD to get them for her. I seriously think she was more giddy over the napkins than her bag!! (Which I totally wouldn't mind borrowing from now until forever if she allowed!) :)

    High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

    I love a good cocktail napkin. I totally agree with you that life is all about the litte things. They are truly the things that make me smile everyday.

    Oh I just adore Maurice. What a cute little guy. I must find one and bring him home with me.