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    Wednesday, April 15, 2009

    Good morning, sweet love, and welcome to your tenth month in this world.

    You've grown so much and done it so quickly. Like someone snapped their fingers and suddenly you went from a tiny bebe, to the wee one we know and love today.

    canon march 002

    You have an amazing appetite for everything you come into contact with. Your curiosity is boundless, your love is endless, your stomach is bottomless, your legs and voice are tireless. Everything about you is in perpetual motion.

    It's amazing.

    You walk while holding onto things, you talk to us like we're having understandable conversations. You climb up the stairs to the second story unassisted (though we're always behind you). Books and balls occupy your time when you're not racing after one of us, shrieking with laughter.

    Food is a love of yours, and as we begin introducing soft fruits and veggies to your diet, I hope this continues. Please let it continue!

    You have an unparalleled love for your sister that your Daddy and I stand in awe of. There's no way we can compete with this bond. It's something we don't fully understand, but you do, and so does your sister. This is all that matters.

    Very similar to you older sibling, you are still able to go anywhere and everywhere-and behave. Church, PTO meetings, shopping, meals on the go, you are an angel (though a pretty chatty one). This may change as you enter into your toddler boyhood days, so for now we'll enjoy it.

    You charm everyone you come into contact with, your dimpled smile and waving arms bringing a ray of sunshine into every day. There isn't a single person that isn't felled by your sweet disposition.

    You are always making us laugh; laughing at your own antics as well as ours. It's great that you can laugh at yourself. We call you "Monkey Man" because of your wonderfully full laugh. And believe me, with all the mischeif you create, you have earned this name.


    My creation
    My creation
    My creation

    What we love most, though, is the sheer joy you have in everything around you. Your amazement helps us to see with new eyes. We cannot thank you enough for this gift, sweet boy.

    Happy Ten Month Birthday. I can only imagine what mountains you'll climb in this next month.

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    Ruth said...

    Boy is he growing!!!
    I love the pic where he looks like oh no I got caught. :)

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    I have that comforter!!!

    The Southern Lady said...

    I can't believe how big he is either, Ruth. The days are passing us by far too fast-both children are just so grown (even the wee one!).

    And he thought it was hilarious to be caught playing in the tissue paper. I couldn't bring myself to care since he was having so much fun.

    It was a great captured memory.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Martha Stewart, right?

    Sarah, I could have sworn you showed your room several months ago, but thought I'd be the biggest dork if I got all excited that we may have the same bedding.

    It was a good match for the husband and I since it didn't scream "girly", but I still got my feminine feel. ;)