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    The Week Of Big :The Big Celebration

    Sunday, April 26, 2009

    Today is a very special day for our wee one.


    Today he will enter into his Faith; becoming Baptized and welcoming the Lord into his life, his mind, and his heart.

    This is a very exciting day for us-especially since it's taken a while to get to this point. It's wonderful that my parents will stand as his witnesses and Godparents, that husband and I will continue our journey down the path God has laid out for us, helping our little one to do the same. It's also exciting because eldest will be able to participate and renew her own vows.

    She had to get a special new dress just for this occasion, you know. And considering how much she doesn't like dresses, this speaks volumes about how important she considers this to be.

    Unfortunately, his christening gown no longer fits.


    I was horrified to find this out. Just horrified. Not to mention very sad. This gown is well over 100 years old and has been passed down through my father's family through two centuries already. We've all been baptized in it, and the plan was for our little boy to be as well.


    But due to timing, the ability to have the Godparents in town to bear witness, and the fact that our little monkey man is almost eleven months old now, the gown just doesn't fit.


    Oh, yes. The pink ribbons from eldest's christening are still in the gown sleeves and on the cap. They've been there for nine years. They were waiting to be removed for the next special child we were to be blessed with.


    It's not really the gown that matters. I know this. It was just a part of our family tradition that I longed to carry on and really wish we still could. What matters most, though, is not what he'll wear on the outside today. It will be what he will receive inside.

    It's what he's going to become a part of and what he will welcome into him. There is nothing more beautiful than the entrance of God into a person's life. It doesn't matter the Faith, just that you have it.

    We are all blessed to be witnesses and participants in our wee one's very special celebration. Please praise Him and pray for our little boy at 1:30 today at St. Patrick's Cathedral as we take this wonderful step forward as a family and in our Faith.


    Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
    Matthew 5:8