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    At Last!

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    Do you all remember me telling you about the curtains in my husband's office? How they threw themselves off of the wall and towards the children in an effort to devour them since they look so sweet?

    Yes, you're right! That was about the time we went on our fun trip to the Mint Museum. Three to four weeks ago.

    The window has been an eye-sore ever since. The curtains had been re-hung in the kitchen, and husband's office started to look pretty barren. Despite the fact that we might be making the BIG move, the whole "we love our privacy" thing was on our minds quite a bit, too, so I knew action had to be taken.

    Enter: Mary Jo's.

    I have to wonder if this girl isn't related to Jo Ann, since both have rather simple southern names and sell oodles and oodles of the most fabulous fabrics. Or at least their stores do.

    And did I mention that they're super affordable?

    It was an all around great trip-especially since the wee one is always happy to go out and about. He goes anywhere and everywhere, and didn't seem to mind his mommy looking around for over two hours at the various fabrics.

    I could have taken longer, believe me. Mary Jo's is that big.

    Of course, the wee one was probably happy because of the people watching. Or maybe it was because of his yummy yogurt bites. Either way, he was as happy as a little clam. This was good.

    Now you must understand, my husband has his own ideas about style and while most of the time we're in sync, other times, like when he says he wants red drapes in his office, I have to shake my head and wonder. Red drapes are just a little too bordello for my tastes.

    Take it from a girl who had them in her master suite in Memphis. Bordello.

    But as things always do when visiting Mary Jo's, the perfect fabric was found and any issue I might have had problem with was no longer.


    It's an outdoor fabric, had a nice, heavy weight and texture. The design was lattice-inspired and had an updated classic edge to it-which was exactly what I was looking for. Add to it the fact that the color was reddish, actually more of a red-orange, and I knew my husband was going to love it.

    This was what most important.

    He wasn't expecting it, maybe because I hadn't told him this project was on the front burners, so he was very surprised when he came home on Friday to find his office looking less "just moved in" and more "lived in".


    The back-ache from sewing was completely worth it after seeing his reaction.

    He was one very happy man.

    3 Responses to “
    At Last!

    Ruth said...

    They look great!

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    I adore these!! I am literally swooning over them, oh love. I am glad Mr. Quon liked them as well!

    Sweet Nothings said...

    these are FANTASTIC