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    Images of a May Crowning

    Wednesday, May 20, 2009

    I am very happy to share with you some of the images I was able to capture during yesterday's Mass and Crowning ceremony. We were blessed with a gorgeous day, but it was really cold! Who knew you could live in the south and have 30 degree weather in mid-May?


    Now don't fret. The outdoor pictures were taken later in the morning, when it was closer to the low 60's. The children were able to hold their flowers and do so pretty comfortably.


    But it was still pretty chilly.


    Would you like to see just a little of what our boys and girls wore? This a favorite for most mom's. Dad's, too, believe it or not. It's a veritable fashion show, but though the boys suits are adorable, save the occasional rebel who decides to wear seersucker, they're fairly standard. But still so darn cute!


    The girls, on the other hand, tend to show much more variety.




    This darling girl seemed to be praying as she entered the church. I thought it was lovely.


    Crinolines, silks, satins, linen. Lace both modern and antique. Cap sleeves, sleeveless, elbow-length. Gloves. Religious medals. Tea, ankle, and floor length dresses. Some wear their own crown of flowers, some don veils.



    And let's not forget the pearls. Some get to be a bit much, but they're still so fun to see. Every little girl looks so different and each boy wears his own chosen tie to stand out. It's a testament to their young personalities and sweet as can be.

    The wee one did well during the Mass. This picture shows him a few minutes before, and he was happily occupied.


    Of course, once the ceremony started, he just had to move about. Thank goodness for the choir loft stairs. He'd go up four, I'd pluck him up and set him back down at the bottom. This kept him very busy and was very simple entertainment. The best kind!

    Mass went by quickly and before we knew it, it was time for the actual crowning.

    We all gathered outside in a circle surrounding a small flower garden and our statue of Mary.


    Eldest sings in the school choir, so she and the other Song Leaders stood near the center in a semi-circle. Family, friends, communicants, and faculty stood around them in praise.


    Our parish priests then arrived, and the blessing and crowning of our statue took place. The moment was peaceful and serene, much like our heavenly mother.




    Of course, no moment of solemnity would be complete with out a little girl talk. But somehow I don't think Mary would have been bothered by this quiet act of sisterhood.


    It was great that we were able to attend yesterday's Mass and May Crowning. I couldn't help but feel that every moment had been truly touched by Mary, and participating was a blessing in many ways.

    We were able to give our sweet girl a hug and kiss before she had to return indoors for the rest of her day, and thank our priests for honoring us with their service.

    The wee one had a great time as well-enjoying the attention from eldests friends and many others.


    I hope wherever our path takes us in this next year we're able to find a school and parish as dear to our hearts as this one.

    Here's to hoping!

    Coming up next...a repice I promised the lovely Sarah from La Jeune Marie: mini quiche.

    Enjoy yur May day ahead.

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    Images of a May Crowning

    Ruth said...

    I am glad it was such a beautiful day for the event.

    Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

    What lovely photos! And I am so excited about the mini quiche recipe - thank you so much for posting!

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    What a wonderful day and gorgeous dresses!! The beading and embroidery is really elaborate.

    Thanks for sharing!