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    Far East

    Monday, June 29, 2009

    Saturday morning his bags were packed...


    The children helped him make sure everything he needed was ready for his very long flight to Tokyo.


    But the wee one was extra sly-trying to sneak away with his Daddy's keys. I guess he really didn't want him to go.


    I don't blame him a bit.


    It was so early in the morning, the lights were on in every room, including the dining room. It warmed them with its glow as the children embraced their Daddy.


    I drove my husband to the airport, both of us saying our good-bye's in private. Some things should still be sacred, after all. A little prayer was said that his travels would be safe-and thankfully they were.

    It was very hard to see him grab his bags, harder still to watch him leave. His voice sounded half a world away when we next talked.

    And with good reason. Tokyo is half a world away.

    But there was comfort in that my glorious children waited for me back at home, and my parents would be with us for at least two more days.


    Yesterday evening they returned home to New Orleans, and we've all been left with many new and wonderful memories. But the house is much quieter. It's a lot less busy. Eldest is feeling blue and I'm missing my husband very, very much. Thankfully our littlest one is a bundle of joyful energy. He's keeping the laughter going and reminding us to see that silver lining.

    Plus, it's two weeks. We'll see my husband again pretty soon, and in the meantime, delight in the pictures he's sending to us from his excursions during his free time.

    new otani

    The gardens from his hotel, The New Otani. Isn't it lovely?


    The cafeteria from Sacred Heart-eldest's potential school. Very...clean.


    And the Tokyo version of a subway map. I think it's gorgeous and as my husband informed me, much easier to navigate than anything in New York. Considering the language barrier, I'll consider this a very good thing.

    Husband even managed to find a Starbucks, but as a rule in Tokyo, it's apparantly a no-no to walk, eat, and drink at the same time. Perhaps it's a matter of cultural etiquette? I think it's good. Why not stop and smell the roses? But my husband was a little bemused that had to sit and drink his "thimble-sized" iced mocha instead of being able to walk around with it in hand.

    Forced to sit and relax. Can you imagine?

    This gave me a good laugh, and made the ache of missing him ease up a bit. Can you only imagine the stories and experiences he'll come back with? The great opportunities and adventures that potentially await us? I can't, but I'm looking forward to my husbands calls and pictures every day.

    It's definitely something fun to pass the time with. So until the next round of pictures arrive, I'll leave you all with a wish for a good week ahead.

    My best to you all!

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    Far East

    Ruth said...

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I can't wait to here the final decision on whether y'all will be moving. Though I will miss you even more than I do now.
    love ya