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    Why I Love...

    Friday, July 17, 2009

    The morning.

    No matter the weather, every morning I am blessed to wake up to the beautiful faces of my children.


    If he's in town, I can see my husband as well.

    Every morning our home is fairly quiet-perhaps the most quiet part of our day.

    Which is why it's the perfect time to enjoy a cup of my favorite coffee from Cafe du Monde.

    shannon's camera 344

    What can I say? You can take the girl out of New Orleans, but you can't take New Orleans out of the girl.

    I love the morning because we see deer and these little woodland creatures.

    shannon's camera 348

    The bunnies love to play in our garden area, sparse as it may be, and the children love to watch them.

    The morning is a great time for us to get up and go.

    We take many of our summer adventures during this time and save the hot afternoons for indoor play. This week we headed back into NoDa for Bastille Day. Once again we ate at Amelie's then ventured into the blocks surrounding it.

    We saw many neat things and were able to fully enjoy them because of the cool morning breeze (but more on our NoDa excurion Monday!)



    I love the morning because it's the best-if not only-time to figure out meals for my family.


    But most of all, I love the morning because it means no matter what has happened the day before, it's over. Good or bad it's in the past. Be it a treasured memory or one to be forgoten, the day is new and we're all moving forward.

    That's something to really appreciate.

    What do you all love today?

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    Why I Love...

    Kelly said...

    this post is amazing! i love the photography and all your reasons for loving the morning!

    this post really made me smile and focus what i love about today :)