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    Fourth Grade

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    Congratulations to my daughter who is enjoying her return to school as a fourth grader. It's going to be a big year: field trips, class trips out of town, running a mock city for a day, and let's not forget all of the clubs she's joining!

    She's a huge school enthusiast. I pray she carries this with her throughout her entire academic career, because it's such a blessing. I love that she loves to learn, more so that she loves her school environment.

    To send her off into the new year, we made sure that not only did she have her new school supplies, but a spanking new lunchbox courtesy of our trip to Oxford. I may have tucked a good luck note inside!


    What can I say? The girl has true school spirit and isn't afraid to share it with the world.

    But what really made this final first day of school was the fact that her Daddy was able to come along. Due to his work schedule, the past few years have had him out of town on these days, so it was an extra special treat to see her tucked safely into his backseat along with the butter bean.

    We had to commemorate this occasion with a picture, naturally, but most of them came out like this.




    It took a few tries, but after everyone (ahem, young son of mine) was looking at the camera, we wound up with this wonderful picture.


    Hello to you, too, young sir and joyful young miss!

    I was tickled pink when I realized we'd managed to take this lovely picture-and all before 8 AM. But I now realize my work for the day is just beginning. Because did you see the length of eldest's skort?

    Yes. It's really, really short. Much to my detriment I hadn't realized she'd grown several inches and what used to be just above her knee is now almost mid-thigh.

    Such is the plight of mother's everywhere. When you are blessed to see them every day you never realize how much your children have grown until you see them in certain outfits.

    It's what makes the first day of school very bittersweet.

    I just might have to make an out of the way stop at Amelie's for an eclair. You know, as a pick me up for my spirits.

    Because goodness knows with eldest back in school there's nothing that could possibly keep me busy.



    4 Responses to “
    Fourth Grade

    owensruth said...

    I am glad the morning started off so well. I love the pic of Jaxs waving at you (camera lady).

    The Southern Lady said...

    It really did. Jacks and I hit a bump (kind of literally) later in the afternoon. Hopefully I won't have anything to report on that later.

    He's such a sweetie pie!

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    Love the lunchbox - so vintage!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thank you, Sarah! I thought so, too, but it wasn't exactly one of Madeline's requirements. She just asked that her lunchbox be Ole Miss friendly. Daddy happened to point us in the right direction and voila-cool, new lunchbox.