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    Guilty Pleasures

    Tuesday, August 25, 2009

    After yesterday's post, today's is a bit more frivolous, which I hope you'll all understand. It has to do with something that brings me secret joy.

    Let's talk about guilty pleasures.

    We all have them. For some it's fabulous shoes, others it's that forbidden pint of Ben & Jerry's right before bed. And let's not forget those who rock out to the boy bands when they think no one is watching. You know you're out there.

    For me it's two reality television shows. You already know one of them since I wrote about it here. But the other one? It premiers tonight.

    It's the second season of The Rachel Zoe Project.


    Everyone's favorite over-caffeinated, vintage clothes loving, over-worked bed-headed stylist to the stars is back.

    I'm sorry, what? You say you're not familiar with Ms. Zoe? My apologies. Introductions are in order then.

    Everyone, meet Rachel.


    Rachel, everyone.

    Rachel would like you all to know two things. One, her last name rhymes with "bow", and two, she loves caftan dresses. The blousier and more obscure the designer, the better.

    Rachel's obsession with caftan dresses is funny thing considering they swallow her whole, but that's what happens when your entire diet is comprised of the different sizes of coffee offered by Starbucks.

    Rachel, you should know you're surrounded by coffee enablers. Yes, Brad, I'm speaking to you.


    Watching The Rachel Zoe Project is so much fun. Why? Because it's like playing mental dress up in every episode. What girl doesn't love to play dress up? The clothes are amazing, and despite the numerous glitches that seem to occur in every episode, in the end Rachel and her team pull everything off flawlessly (though not always without drama).

    I'll admit, watching Rachel's husband, Roger, attempt to not have an aneurysm with every rack of clothes she brings back is also more than a little amusing.

    Let's face it, she likes to torture the poor man. And what does he do when she inflicts such pain on their bank accounts? He flips his artfully styled hair around, complains to a friend, then buys her vintage cars and more coffee.


    But my main reason for watching this show are these two priceless individuals, the yin and yang of the Zoe empire:


    Taylor and Brad.

    They could not be more opposite if Bravo had cast it that way. And who knows? Maybe they did. Watching these two try to work together is like oil trying to make nice with vinegar: it's deliciously bad and just not going to happen.

    But you just keep hoping Taylor will give Brad that hug he so desperately wants.

    I can't identify with the lives of these individuals, nor would I ever want to work in an environment with antagonistic people or the frenetic pace. And that's fine. It's what makes this show a guilty pleasure. I can enjoy my blessed place in this world and appreciate it a little more after Monday nights. Plus, it makes me cling to my own clothes a little tighter-knowing I already have plenty of gems worth holding onto for my daughter.

    That said, I've still been looking towards Fall fashions with an eager eye. In the spirit of tonight's premiere, I thought I'd do something I usually don't do, and share some of my favorite basic pieces that have made the cut for my Fall/Winter 2009 wish list.


    Shoes from Nine West

    Nayla Ruffle Flat in Wild Berry from Banana Republic

    Boots from Urban Outfitters

    Vintage Inspired Thornbush Earrings from J. Crew

    Vintage Inspired Herringbone Cap from J. Crew

    Ladies Gloves from J. Crew

    Dresses from J. Crew

    Double-Cloth Carlin Coatin Sea Salt from J. Crew

    Ruffled Jacket from Anthropologie

    Sweater from Anthropologie

    My current Noel Henry Bag from Kate Spade

    All The Rachel Zoe Project images courtesy of Bravo.

    6 Responses to “
    Guilty Pleasures

    Maria said...

    Thanks for identifying with our housing situation!!! it certainly makes me feel better knowing Im not the only to go through it!! Oh and I love your fall choices, Im so anxious for cooler weather and layering!! Are you getting excited/nervous about your upcoming move to asia??!! I actually really miss living overseas!!!! I think youll really enjoy it!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Maria, I'm happy to lend supportive words-especially since I can understand. But believe me, the pay off is worth it! I know you've been spending your time putting together your design plan, so stay on it and perfect it.

    And if you'd like to share, I'd love to hear it!

    Thank you so much. I have some fun, bold pieces here, so my big thing is picking up basics every season that will last forever. My daughter will thank me one day.

    We are a little anxious about the move, I won't lie. Shannon will be going ahead of us, and that's gong to be very hard, but with prayer and patience, we know things will work out for the best.

    Thank you for such encouraging words, Maria. Coming from a girl who's been there is a real comfort. Have a lovely day!

    owensruth said...

    I freely admit I have never heard of this show. but I might have to remember to check it out.
    I love the clothes you picked out. You should have added the earrings you picked up in Oxford.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to! Thanks for reminding me, Ruth. Can you tell I ahven't unpacked some things?

    The earrings were gorgeous.

    And yes, you should watch the RZP. I think you'd find it to be easy entertainment.

    Elizabeth said...

    I tuned into Rachel's show last night for the first time. Seems like the first time around I could never seem to catch when it was on. It's going to be one of my guilty pleasures....right up there with Tori and Dean!

    I got the new fall JCrack catalog today and bookmarked that ruffle dress......ahhhh! I MUST have it!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Oh, Elizabeth I feel your pain! If I could order most items from J. Crack my life would be a well-heeled one.

    Maybe when we win the lottery...

    Until then, we'll enjoy our guilty pleasures with no apologies!