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    I'll Be There For You

    Friday, August 7, 2009

    After seeing this sign, tell me if any of y'all are having flashbacks to the days of Friends.


    Because I'll tell you all something, NoDa continues to reveal more and more about itself everytime the children and I journey there. It's like a cultural onion. Really. It's simply amazing.

    I'll save the painful details (since I've already shared them with my husband, my mother, my Daddy, etc.), but suffice it to say, this morning was rough. Since we're headed on a long trip in my car, there were a few odds and ends we needed to take care of before we left tomorrow.

    Trying to get them done with my children along for the ride was neither fair to them, nor right for any sane person who just wants to be able to operate a car in the state of North Carolina.

    My temper was flaring and my husband received the brunt of it. I apologized, and he forgave, but my nerves were still frayed around the edges.

    Enter the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in NoDa. Phoebe Bouffet would be proud, don't you think?


    Oh, how I love this spray-painted sentiment. It greeted us as we parked our car in the tiny parking lot. I hadn't had my morning jolt of java, so logically, I thought, "Why not? Surely this will cure all my ills."

    And it did.

    But it wasn't coffee that soothed the soul. It was milkshakes.


    This lovely girl was kind enough to let me snap away during our visit.


    Unique places should be captured and appreciated after all.



    The children enjoyed their time out of the car (as did yours truly),


    and can I tell you how worth the wait those milkshakes were?


    Yes. It was nine in the morning and my daughter and I were drinking milkshakes while the wee one munched on a fruit bar. Trust me though, they were worth it. It wasn't breakfast, but their caloric intake were certainly worth several meals.

    I think Smelly Cat just might become on of our out of the way haunts in future months.

    Do you all have places like this that you love to frequent? Where? And how did you find it?

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    I'll Be There For You

    The Antiques Diva™ said...

    What a great coffee shop!!! That first picture of the logo would look great framed and hung in a kitchen!!!