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    Living Out Loud

    Tuesday, August 4, 2009

    I have a confession to make. It will undoubtedly send my husband into a fit of uncontrollable eye-rolling, and have my mother wondering just where she went wrong in my upbringing. But I can no longer hold it in.

    I love watching "Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood".


    I've been watching it since its inception, back when they owned the little B&B hours north of their current digs. It was called "Tori & Dean Inn Love". Cute, right? I still don't know what sucked me in, but I'm going to blame pregnancy.

    Yes, that's it. Pregnancy.

    After all, what else is there for a woman with epic morning sickness to do all day but to watch really bad television? And when I say morning sickness I mean 24 hours a day illness that left me wilted and withering like a magnolia blossom in the prime heat of August.

    But back to my fascination with Oxygen's best reality series.

    There is something absolutely delightful about Tori Spelling and her husband, Dean McDermott. Maybe it's their attempt to live "normal" lives in front of the cameras as they raise their two children. It might even be the too awesome for words "guncles"-also known to those who watch as the McDermott offspring's' gay uncles. Wrapped up with a lovely ribbon comprised of fashion, notable names and locales in LA, and numerous shoots and press tours, the show really is a feast for the eyes and ears.

    Yes, I think I've learned a little too much about the intimacies of their relationship, and if Tori really has that burning desire to be a stay at home mother, then she should stop taking on project after crazy project. You do recall the french fry business, don't you?


    Sounded delicious, and I know my husband would have gotten behind this, but realistically, it probably wasn't the job for them. I understand the financial motivations behind their many ventures, but it's been so much nicer to see the couple do what they do best: perform.

    Their passions have provided the "real" in this reality show. It's something that all families struggle with: providing for your family while trying to balance work and quality time. What parent can't identify with this?

    Beyond that, I have slightly more superficial reasons why I enjoy flipping to Oxygen after the children are tucked away in their beds.

    Week after week Tori's doe-eyed Lucy-esque antics, Dean's Papa Bear, and those totally darling children provide light, fluffy entertainment. I see things that I've experienced, heard the thoughts I've had voiced out loud. I've done some of the things she's done.

    Mothers: we're all in the same boat.

    To me it doesn't even matter that their family unit isn't what some would consider traditional. This is another part of the show's appeal.

    Every person, from their eccentric friend, Suzanne, to Jenny, the stay at home mother, to Mehran, Bill, and Scout contributes to the show with their own quiet, or in some cases, loud flair. These people are the glue that hold the show together. They complete the Tori and Dean circle, and make their family a truly genuine and wonderful one.

    The show lacks the presence of her father, Aaron Spelling, who passed away, as well as her younger brother, Randy. But the drama of matriarch Candy Spelling is enough to make anyone wish for a lobotomy and feel very deeply for Tori.

    Seriously. An open letter to the press to take cheap shots at your daughter and explain away why you simply can't be a part of your grand children's lives?

    Class, ladies and gentlemen, apparently the one thing Candy Spelling's fortune cannot buy.

    Through the seasons it's been made no secret that Tori really wants some semblance of a relationship with her mother. If not for herself, then for her children. But this season it's seemed to be a central theme, starting with the release of her mother's book and culminating in the penning of the now infamous open letter right before the air date of the season finale.

    All mothers and daughters have their issues, let's make no mistake. And perhaps this is being played out for the sake of the money making machine that is reality television. As this feud has been played out in the media for years, I'm not too sure.

    Either way, you want to stand up and applaud when Dean points out the obvious: Candy Spelling is toxic. It's time for Tori to cut the ties and focus on the positive within their own unique family.


    Easier said than done, of course, but he's absolutely right.

    It's time for Tori to take the higher road and let down those hemlines a bit.

    Yes, the saying says flaunt it if you've got it, and Tori definitely has it. But as you're already showing everything else to the world, let's leave a little mystery.

    Like what on earth is going to happen in tonight's season finale?

    I cannot wait to find out!

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    7 Responses to “
    Living Out Loud

    owensruth said...

    I am in shock. And joining Shannon with the eye rolling.

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    OMG I love Tori and Dean ... I just ready sTORI Telling and it was actually a good read -- and funny. Never thought before the show that she would have had it in her, but she's great!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Oh hush, Ruthie. You have the bachelorette, I have Tori & Dean. Ha!

    Seriously though, if you're in need of mental relaxation, watch it. It's fun!

    The Southern Lady said...

    I know I'm not the only one who enjoyes this couple, but it's good to hear others speak up about it.

    I haven't read sTORI Telling, but I did read Mommywood. I was disappointed since it bascially rehashed everything from the previous season of the show, with just a bit more insight.

    The insights were interesting, but I had hoped for a little more. Considering how busy she is, though, kudos to Tori for putting it out! She has a lovely personality and admirable drive.

    owensruth said...

    I don't watch the bachelorette either. I do watch Big Brother though.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Sorry! I didn't mean the Bachelorette, I meant Big Brother. I can't keep track of who watches what on FB anymore.

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    Shhh - I love them too! What is wrong with us?? Haha!