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    Busy Little Blossoms

    Monday, October 26, 2009

    I won't lie. I was allright with eldest's soccer game being canceled on account of bad weather.


    She's been so busy with school work this past week. To have an entire two day span with nothing planned-nothing to do but enjoy the company of family-it was more than I could have prayed for.

    So what did we do with our free time?

    We slept as late as we wanted (and had the sleep marks to prove it!)


    We've been admiring the glowing red trees in our neighbor's yard.


    Have you ever seen such glorious color? That's God's paintbrush at work, my friends.

    I sold a few more items on Craigslist,

    Book Rack

    put some last minute Fall decorations out,

    Fall Wreath

    and began to feel rather "bewitching" in these sweet shoes with ruffles and buckles.

    Snazzy Shoes

    There was also tons of football fun happening-both in and outside our home. The Rebels took down the Arkansas Razorbacks,and eldest delighted in our chilly October weather with her own football while the bebe napped.


    So Thrilled with the Chase


    Complete Pass!

    First Down


    We both had a blast running the old "pigskin" around. But I'll tell you something. For a little touch football, there certainly was quite a bit of feminine hair-flipping going on.

    Hair Flip


    Of course, if that hair was on my head, I'd be tossing it around as well.

    It was nice setting our own pace this weekend.

    And did I mention the amazing time we ladies had on Friday evening? Michelle and Casey are the sweetest, loveliest, most hilarious girls and I was very foruntate to get to know them better. We chatted, we ate, we enjoyed a great movie (with eldest's delightful company). Their company was much appreciated and enjoyed.

    And their taste in flowers?




    Fall Bouquet

    Thanks again for both the wine and the gorgeous bouquet!


    Sleepy Hollow was very spooky (I always forget how creepy Tim Burton films are), but we got some good laughs from Johnny Depp's Ichabod Crane. We should have counted the number of times he hid behind children and women when he was frightened. But we didn't. He gave a good balance to all the chilling movie moments-something which we were all thankful for.

    As for what foods came from the Sleepy Hollow images, here they are!

    Green beans with bacon


    as inspired from this picture:


    We enjoyed frothy, whipped potatoes,

    Ghostly Whipped Mashed Potatoes

    as inspired by the fog in this image:


    There was an encrusted pork tenderloin,

    Tender is the Pork

    which was inspired by the bark from this twisted tree:


    And for dessert, scrumptious homemade pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing,

    Pumpkin Cupcake 2

    brought to life from this spooky scarecrow!


    I'll have that delicious recipe up later this week-just in time to satisfy the Holloween sweet tooth goblins that might be plaguing you!

    Stay tuned, and thanks again for a wonderful evening, girls! We are definitely going to do it again soon. But this time, how about a romantic comedy?

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    Busy Little Blossoms

    Ruth said...

    I love the shots of Maddy playing football. And glad you had fun on Friday night.

    High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

    Glad you guys had a great weekend. It looks like you had a lot of fun!!!!

    I took advantage of a raining saturday night and just stayed in and watched movies all night long!

    Southern Aspirations said...

    What an action-packed weekend! Your children are gorgeous and I love the idea of a themed get-together. The food looks delicious and the flowers fabulous!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog!!

    Maria said...

    Elizabeth, I DIE over your gorgeous pictures every time I visit your blog and your food for that matter! Have you considered going into photography?? I would hire you seriously.
    I think I may have found a dress for the ball tonight at the mall, I'll be sure to post it!! Im definantly getting a bit carried away with all of it!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments!!!