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    Satruday Blues Part Deux

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    I mentioned we had a little extra blue on Saturday after eldest's game. It had a little something to do with these:


    If any of you guessed a fair, you'd be spot on! It was her school's Fall Festival. Eldest was glad to be there,


    but still needed a bit of a cool down from her hard playing.


    So did the wee one.

    Soooo Thirsty

    He was happy to stay in his stroller, so we took a look around at what the Fall Fest had to offer. First off, the theme:

    The Circus

    The Festival

    Walking around in some very comfortable flats,


    we saw many familiar carnival sights.

    There were snow cones-which were very tempting at that point in the day.

    Snow Cone

    There was a cotton candy vendor as well.

    Cotton Candy

    Since most booths were manned or assisted by high schoolers and middle schoolers from our other catholic schools, they brought many a smile to our children's faces.


    So did the face painting.


    There were rides to enjoy,


    and games to play.

    Cake Walk!

    Eldest joined one of her good friends for a spin around the cake walk.

    Jarod And Mads

    She'd hoped to walk away with a sweet treat, but it wasn't to be.


    Never one to let things get her down, eldest moved on to other games such as the ring toss, knocking weasels down with bean bags, and one of her favorites since early childhood, the bean bag toss.

    Bean Bag Toss

    She was delighted to win!


    After playing several games, her smile was bright and giddy. One thing I cherish about my daughter is her love of the simple things. A bouncy ball, a key chain. Nothing brings her more happiness.

    She carries it with her always, and did so on Saturday even as her adrenaline began to ebb. We sat with her little brother for a while before gathering our things to leave.

    On our way out we ran into more friends and familiar faces-some spookier than others.

    Dan the Man

    We'll call this friend of eldest's, Dan the Skeleton Man. You can draw your own conclusion as to why!

    Of course, no carnival or circus would be complete without a clown-and there were several there. They painted the faces of our children and some adults, but this one continued to catch everyone's attention.


    He was like The Fonz clown. Very cool in his aviator sunglasses!

    It was a wonderful Saturday. It was only dampened by the loss by our Rebels. Still, none of us would trade it for anything-especially since we all enjoyed a blissful nights sleep.

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    Satruday Blues Part Deux

    Ruth said...

    glad everyone had fun.

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    This looks like too much fun! I adore you flats!!