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    Saturday Blues

    Monday, October 12, 2009

    Oh, no. Not those type of blues.

    This type.

    More Running

    We were in high spirits Saturday as eldest and her team, the Carolina Peanuts, took to the field once again. It was a very spirited game. The opposing team had many tiny little players, but my were they fiesty!

    They gave our girls a good challenge-it looked pretty intense for a while.


    They kept our girls moving.


    It was a little unfortaunte since we were short so many players, no girl had a break or a chance to sit out. They all played the entire game.

    And the entire time, they were sprinting up and down the field.

    Still Running

    I was exhausted watching them. The wee one was unusually content to stay in his strolled for two entire quarters, so we were able to watch big sister boot the soccer ball several times and make many good passes to her teammates. It was a fantastic game and every girl had the right to call it quits for the remainder of the day.

    They all gave 200% and looked exactly like this:


    But not eldest. We still had one last thing to do that afternoon before heading back to watch our Rebels play (and loose abysmally to) Alabama.

    Here's a hint-and it's also blue.


    By the way, did I mention the Peanuts won this game, too, and are still the top undefeated team in the League? Go Peanuts!!!

    3 Responses to “
    Saturday Blues

    Ruth said...

    I am so proud of the Peanuts.
    Did y'all win any good prizes at the festival?
    The game was really sad. And the family actually waited an hour to call and harrass me.

    The Southern Lady said...

    Thanks, Ruth! We were so proud of our girls, too. They really earned that victory.

    Mads had a blast at the Fall Fest. Jacks and I were dripping tired-and you'd think the soccer player would be, too-but she was raring to go! You'll see how it all went down in tomorrow's post.

    Ha! Making you wait!

    And wasn't the loss horrendous? Gah!

    Elizabeth said...

    great pics!