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    Such A Boy

    Thursday, October 15, 2009

    The wee one loves games.

    One we've been playing quite a lot lately is the "Where is Your..." game. It's a game that helps him to identify his basic body parts. For example, I'll ask,"Where is your hand?" and he'll do his best to recall what and where his hand is on his body, while I'm pointing to it on mine. We do the same thing with each part of his body. Eyes, cheeks, knees, feet, head.

    He loves it.

    Locating body parts is more complex for the bebes to sort out than you might think, but as my son has shown me, it's also a great exercise in fun. Try and stop him from rolling with laughter when you ask him to find his shoulder.

    Shoulder. What a hilarious word!

    We were playing this particular game on Saturday while eldest was warming up before her soccer game. The little guy was supposed to be eating his lunch, but we'd finished early and had began to play.

    Here is "Where is your mouth?"


    Oh, he gets so tickled playing this game. Mostly because he thinks it's the silliest thing ever. And maybe it's because I'm acting like a giant goof while playing it with him.

    This is where it started to get a little more interesting.


    I'd just asked him to find his nose, and unsurprisingly, he located it within moments. But then he did something I wasn't expecting. Something that caused us both to fall out of our seats with laughter. Because it was such a boy thing to do, because he was so proud of himself for doing it, and because, well, it really was all sorts of cute even if it was also a little bit gross.


    We fed off of one another's laughter.

    My son can now stick his fingers up his nose-and this was before he put his second index finger up his remaining nostril and began wiggling his fingers around.

    What a stinker!

    It's something eldest never did. The wee one just seems to have an instinct for knowing what's a little bit gross and making it truly amusing. I don't know why, I don't know how. I'm simply guessing it's because he's my son that I find it so cute, because I'll be honest, if any other child did it, I'm pretty sure I'd find it a little less adorable.

    My son, he's 100% boy. It's a completely new experience for me and this is a good thing. It's given me a chance as a parent to grow in a completely new direction. I love him deeply and dearly for that.

    As for his uncanny ability to stick his fingers up his nose? The five-year-old in me still finds it hilarious.

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    Such A Boy

    Kelly said...

    your son is adorable!! what a fun game to play!

    i love this post :)

    Jennifer Bradford said...

    Ben also loves to stick his fingers up his nose, and it is hilarious. I wish we could get the boys together sometime.

    Jennifer Bradford said...

    Ben also loves to stick his fingers up his nose, and it is very funny. I wish we could get the boys together!