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    Wednesday, October 28, 2009

    I'm going to sing eldest's praises, so please, bear with me. I'm a parent.

    I may have mentioned once or twice how different fourth grade is from third. The workload has all but tripled, every week consists of at least 3 tests, and projects are thrown out with increasing frequency.


    It was jarring, to say the least, as we began the new school year, but she has triumphed! Eldest's study habits have become her saving grace. Add to that all the work she's put into the past two months, and I'd say this girl can handle anything thrown at her academically.

    There was some concern that it would become overwhelming at some point, but thankfully, eldest settled into a good routine and it's made all the difference.

    Balancing her work with her play has also helped. It's important to make sure she has ample down time.

    Soccer is just one of her outlets-and she loves it to bits and pieces.


    While we've managed to successfully adjust to fourth grade, let me tell you the things eldest has been involved in outside of the classroom, and off the soccer field.

    She's part of an academic team at school. They compete locally, then nationally in areas such as Presidents, Propaganda, and Equations. Eldest has earned especially high praise for her work in Presidents-which makes sense. She has a real yen for learning about the former heads of the Executive Branch.

    Take a look at her binder for this activity.

    Academic Games Binder

    At some point this entire binder will be covered. Eldest has to know all of this. It freaks me out just looking at it, but she takes it in stride. She's having fun. She's also fortunate to have a fantastic Coach. She doesn't push-she encourages-and has set a nice, easy pace for all of the children.

    As long as this continues to be the case, I don't see a problem with her extra enriching activity.

    But Academic Games is not the only thing eldest has picked up this year. Due to her consistent "A" average in Math, she was asked to participate in a Catholic School math competition. She and several others will take tests in November, December, February, and March. The scores will be ranked and awards will be given on a state level. Some will go on to the National level (which our math lover is aiming for). Seriously. This girl loves her some math.

    She's the only one in her grade who can finish 50 multiplication problems in under a minute.

    She's her father's daughter in this department. Completely.

    I have mathematical issues.

    It's a big, busy year for my daughter, and I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to limit herself to school (with no extras) and soccer. But she has this thirst for learning and craves extra activities. It's fantastic for her and as long as it doesn't interfere with her actual classes or her well-being, I say power to her!

    Go for it.

    I also want to praise God for giving her this appreciation and love of learning. Thank you for giving her the endurance and drive to work as hard as she has this year. She earned every last grade on her first report card, and to know that she did this in spite of the increase in work and expectations, made me tear up.

    She cried, too. She was just so happy to see her hard work pay off.

    Eldest is also happy these days for two more reasons: her lovely new "do"


    and the fact that today is Mimi Day!

    Loves the Mimi

    My mother will be here in a few short hours and we couldn't be happier. She'll be here for a while to play, Trick or Treat, and enjoy quiet anniversary celebrations. But mostly she'll be here so we can all enjoy her company-which we're very thankful for.

    Happy Wednesday everyone. I'll see y'all soon!

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    Ruth said...

    She is the best!!!

    The Southern Lady said...

    I agree! Mads is a special young lady.

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    She is going to be president one day! I just know it ;)

    Elizabeth said...

    4th grade is really tough, so you must be so proud!

    i love her new cut!