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    The Carolina Choo-Choo

    Friday, November 6, 2009

    This morning, I woke up at this time.

    wake-up call

    Don't worry. No one is ill. We're all fine and dandy. Eldest, on the other hand, did have a train to catch.

    Amtrak sign

    She and the rest of Fourth Grade are traveling to Raleigh to conclude a portion of their Social Studies lesson.

    mads and her boys

    I know they'll make some great stops: the capitol, the North Carolina Museum of History.

    The children are allowed cameras, and I can't wait to see what eldest brings back with her. I'm anticipating goofy shots and a few accidental ones with a finger or two in the frame.

    She won't be returning until much later tonight. Goodness, are we going to miss her.

    At the station

    Until my sweet girl is back here this evening, you all can enjoy the Blossoms in the dawning morning hours as we woke, drove, and managed to get ourselves to the train station.

    Thank goodness for happy morning children.

    in awe






    old bench

    old bench



    so happy


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    The Carolina Choo-Choo

    Southern Aspirations said...

    oh so much fun! My goodness that is an early time to get up. Love that she can take photos-- how fun to see the world through the eyes of a child!