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    So Thankful

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    We arrived safe and sound in New Orleans Saturday morning, and since then we've been busy having tons of fun and eating lots of good cookin' with my parents and this guy!


    My husband is home!!!

    What a blessing! I continue to pinch myself to make sure he is really here, and thankfully, it's not a very good dream. It's very real. My wonderful husband is here with us for Thanksgiving.

    We were elated to find him waiting for us in the airport garage, not to mention shocked. From what I understand, I was the only one not aware of my husband's return from Tokyo.


    Thank you, all of you sneaky pete's, who were in on this wonderful surprise and played it cool for as long as you did. You've helped to make our family's Thanksgiving truly something special this year.

    Many thanks, in many ways.

    Now without further ado, I must say good morning to you all. We're up early to head towards Cafe du Monde for some divine beignet's, cafe au lait, and chocolate milk.

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    So Thankful

    Southern Aspirations said...

    what a fantastic, great surprise! SO happy for you!!

    enjoy your day!

    Ruth said...

    I am so excited for all of you.

    jason said...

    I am so glad that you guys get to spend the holidays together. When I read your last post, It was pretty difficult to not write you and say " He is coming home; don't be sad!" Glad you guys are having a good time~!

    Maria said...

    so so happy for you, what an amazing surprise! Please please eat a muffaletta for me, should be a few doors down from cafe du monde....I love that city!!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.