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    We're Off!

    Saturday, November 21, 2009

    Our bags are packed, the children running around excitedly, and I have a surprise breakfast of donuts and milk for our trip to the airport.

    We're off and bound for New Orleans.

    My mind is trying to avoid the fact that it will be a major holiday spent without my husband. It's something that tears at my heart. Eldest has mentioned it several times as well.

    I take comfort knowing the children will be distracted by the loving arms of their grandparents and the amazing sights of the city. My husband said he'd be spending time with some ex-pats for Thanksgiving, so I'm glad he won't be alone, either.

    Best wishes to you all this Thanksgiving, and safe travels to all who will be in the air or on the road.

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    We're Off!

    Ruth said...

    Have a safe trip. Tell your parents HI!!!