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    What To Wear

    Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Part of the fun in traveling is not only the anticipation of your destination, it's deciding what to wear. I have three people to pack for, so it's three times the clothes, and three times fun.

    I, your Southern Lady, proudly admit that I still enjoy playing dress-up-especially with my children's clothes. I love putting outfits together (though I don't really do much in the way of eldest's anymore as she's perfectly capable of making smart clothing choices).

    Eldest and wee one are always easy to pack for, and their clothes are already arranged and ready to be packed. As usual, I've saved myself for last and have slowly come to a decision on what to bring.

    New Orleans is well known for its culture, its food, and its music. But it's also known to be hot, warm, and humid year round. Fall and winter have a bit of a reprieve, though, and with it comes cooler air and breezes.

    Being home for Thanksgiving means we'll be there for that reprieve. Daddy's let me know that we're in for brisk days, crisp mornings, and chilly evenings. Hooray!

    Packing accordingly means layers and items you can mix and match. It keeps things simple so we can focus on enjoying the city and not fretting over outfits in the morning.

    NoLa can change her mind in a heartbeat and suddenly be warm with the snap of her fingers. Trust me, 18 years of living within her limits has taught me well.

    This would work well on the day we go to the Aquarium and The Audubon Zoo.


    Using some of the same items, we add a chunky belt-which I love-


    and a simple jadite necklace and I'll be ready for a cafe au lait and beignets, light shopping on Magazine, or a jaunt to the French Market.


    For church and gatherings with old friends and family friends, a little something like this dress with tights and pointed-toe flats is ideal for such occasions.


    Adding a touch of the unexpected (for me, at least), a cashmere cowlneck, jean trousers, and a fur vest is ideal for traveling to Baton Rouge for some antique shopping.



    And in case we hit Uptown or the Quarter for some serious shopping/browsing, something a bit nicer, but still simple like this black sweater, pants, and Burberry scarf is perfect.


    Besides all of these pieces being easily interchangeable with one another, the black coat accompanying me, and simple pieces of jewelry, these outfits also go with the same pair of shoes: cute black flats and some sweet brown boots.

    This just might be the best I've ever done packing for a trip, and after all the trips I've taken, that is saying something.

    Two more days, all, and then we're headed back to New Orleans! My heart can hardly stand it.

    "Goin' back home, fe na e' to the land of the beautiful queen, goin' back home to my baby, goin' back to New Orleans. Goin' back home, fe na e'and never more will I roam, goin' get me fill of that etoufee, cus New Orleans is my home."

    -Dr. John, "Goin' Back to New Orleans"

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    What To Wear

    paula said...

    great outfit choices. love your style.

    Ruth said...

    Great outfits!! No surprise there though.
    Have a safe trip.

    love ya

    Maria said...

    Fantastic outfits, especially loving the black and white graphic dress! I absolutely love New orleans too!!! Your gonna have a great time, give a full report please!