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    Bottomless Pit

    Monday, December 28, 2009

    I have never seen a child eat like our son.


    This happy guy can put food away like nobody's business and shortly thereafter, ask for more. He's very much like a puppy when he's asking, too. Very cute. A little slobbery.

    From sun up,

    It's Baaaacon!

    to sun down,


    the butterbean loves to eat.


    He has a true appreciation for food in almost every shape and form. I know he eats as much as he does since he's always on the go, go, go, still, I'd love to know where he puts it. Though he's a petite, he's built much like his sister-slender.



    Don't let these pictures fool you-he's an extraordinarily healthy eater. But we tend to let things slide a bit more during the holidays. Children should have a little sugar with their spice and all that is nice.

    This evening we'll see just how much more the wee one can out away as we dine at Maggiano's. Will it be the salmon? Will he devour the veal parmesan? Or will it be the grilled lemon chicken with spinach?

    Either way he'll leave with most of it in his tummy, and the rest on himself. He's such a boy-and a darling one at that.

    As for eldest,


    she's delighted that she'll be able to eat their fettuccine alfredo. Our more particular eater is always happy to clean her plate at this Italian eatery.

    A marvelous Monday to you all!

    4 Responses to “
    Bottomless Pit

    Ruth said...

    No I think my youngest nephew gets his share too. It must be a boy thing. :)

    JMW said...

    Your little guys is too cute! Love the Santa PJs. Reminds me of my little guy, with cookie-in-hand.

    paula said...

    they are adorable. my son and daughter eat more than me on an average day, it's insane.

    Melissa said...


    I just found your blog. It's just precious.