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    Happy New Year

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Husband and I quietly welcomed in 2010. The children and parents were asleep, and we were off to the Land of Nod as well since we'd have to wake up very early to bring husband back to the airport.

    But I can't complain. Snuggling with the one you love is the best way to say farewell to the year.

    I hope you all enjoyed your last evening of 2009! It's been such a treat to "meet" you all. I've really enjoyed reading your blogs as they're a constant source of reflection and inspiration. For those of you I haven't "met", I'm glad you've found something on my family's little site to enjoy. I hope sometime you'll say hi as I do love meeting new people.

    This year ahead our family will meet many new people-most of them Japanese. I can't even begin to imagine how our lives will change once we're all together on our little island home. I have many hopes, dreams, and wishes for our family of four, and for you, I have some as well.

    For 2010, I wish you all love,








    the blessing of time with family and friends,





    and the joy of life's many adventures.

    My creation

    Happy 2010 to you all!

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    Happy New Year

    Ruth said...

    I hate Shannon had to go back so soon but am glad you got to spend all of the holidays with him.

    love ya

    Maria said...

    Elizabeth, when do you move? these pictures are precious

    Southern Aspirations said...

    Happy New Year! So glad that you got to spend the holidays with the family- and husband!

    I am so happy to have met you as well!

    The Southern Lady said...

    Happy New Year to you all as well!

    Ruth-It was not the best way to start the year, but with busy season beginning on Monday, Shannon had to return so he could readjust to the timechange and prepr for work. March isn't *too* far away, though. Right?

    Maria-We don't move until June-after eldest finishes the school year. We would have loved to move right after Christmas, but it wasn't feasible. Too many concerns about where she'd be academically in the middle of the school year, and her language credit might not transfer.

    And thank you for your kind comment about our pictures. I love taking them.

    Emmie-Thank you! Nothing made the holidays better than having husband home with us. But the two weeks flew by! It was crazy.

    Brook and Meredith said...

    your photography is great and your family is beautiful!