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    Latitudinarian, Psychoanalysis, Circuitous, and Car

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010

    What do these words have to do with one another? I'll get to that in just a moment. First, I'd like to start off with a truly decadent sight:


    King Cake.

    This one arrived yesterday and it was all for eldest. Being as generous as she is, however, she was more than happy to share with the rest of us.

    Doesn't it look fabulous? It came from Haydel's Bakery-which I wrote about in a previous post here.


    You should all drop what you're doing right now so you can order one. I promise I'm not only saying that because they're family friends. Haydel's really is the best by far and worth every penny. Best of all? As it's their 50th anniversary all sorts of goodies are arriving inside their bakery box!

    Coffee and chicory, the Arthur Hardy Magazine, a special poster, cups, doubloons, a porcelain statue, a Mardi Gras CD, and very beautiful and special beads.


    Did I mention Mr. David came up with the brilliant idea to add fillings to King Cakes as well? You can choose from German chocolate, cream cheese, praline pecan, and strawberry cream cheese. As if these little slices of heaven weren't sinfully filling enough, right?

    Eldest received the traditional King Cake for her excellence in school this year. After working her buns off to earn straight A's, my parents thought she deserved a treat.


    I didn't disagree.

    While working on her spelling contract and reviewing Science, I cut her the first piece.


    She took a well-deserved break to enjoy this sugary goodness.


    And enjoy, she did.

    First Bite

    So what, you might be asking, do the words in the post title have to do with King Cake?

    Simply put, yesterday morning eldest won the 4th grade Spelling Bee and is now going to compete in the district Bee representing her school. She'll be competing with the 5th grade champion. Latitudinarian, psychoanalysis, circuitous, and car were just a few of the words she had to study and spell. Her King Cake delivery turned into a real celebration of her hard work and subsequent accomplishments.

    Eldest has quite a bit on her plate besides school, so it's going to be a challenge to make this all work. But if anyone can do it, it will be her. She is the very embodiment of grace under pressure, and is really enjoying herself.

    We're all very proud of our sweet girl and wonder sometimes, if this is what she's capable of at the age of 9, where will she be at 18? She doesn't mind working hard, appreciates her successes, and has a humbleness that astounds me at times.

    Of course, other times, she just wants to shout to the mountaintops. Go ahead, I tell her, let it out and take these moments in.

    Because what could possibly top fantastic grades and winning the Bee? Besides loosing a tooth, I think finding the baby in the King Cake might be something to crow about.

    The Baby!

    And crow and glow she did.

    Eldest has hit the ground running in 2010, and we're not even through the month of January. In the months to come I can only imagine what she'll do with herself and what she will do for others. What I do know is this: I'll be there every step of the way to help and support her, document those moments, and share it with all of you.

    Giddy Madeline

    Congratulations on an awesome start of the year, sweet girl. We are so proud of you!

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    Latitudinarian, Psychoanalysis, Circuitous, and Car

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    How precious! Congrats on your grades little blossom!! That king cake is tempting me into a weekend NOLA trip! :)

    JMW said...

    Our office always gets a King Cake for Mardi Gras - too fun! Congrats to your daughter for achievements over the past week. And for finding the baby in the cake!

    Ruth said...

    Now I am craving some King Cake. And I am loving all the Mardi Gras themed posts from you and Embellished Bayou

    sara said...

    Congratulations to your sweet daughter! (And speaking of sweet, I think I might have to order a King Cake now!)

    Anonymous said...

    just stopping by to say hello