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    Monday, January 18, 2010

    With the business of the week behind us, our smaller family of three has been enjoying a long four day weekend. We've spent time cheering on the Saints through their triumphant play-off game, we've played and cooked, eldest spent five hours at a work-shop/practice tournament for Academic Games, and we've talked.

    We've talked about upcoming school projects, places we'd like to visit this week, and at the end of a very long Friday as I tucked her into bed, eldest wanted to talk about Haiti.

    This past Friday her school had a dress down day where each child could bring a minimum of one dollar to give to the Catholic Relief Services. The CRS has been pulling their resources together to bring financial aid to Haiti and naturally, it made the children curious.

    They knew disaster had struck, they knew it was caused by a great earthquake. They knew there were many new angels in Heaven. Most of the children, however, don't watch the news or read the papers. The older students had a deeper understanding of the situation, but for the most part the magnitude of this devastation wasn't something they could fully grasp.

    Even so, it prompted conversation which is, in my mind, never a bad thing. It had my daughter asking questions. Some were for reassurance, others so she could understand.

    "Will the money we brought to school go to help everyone in Haiti?" she asked.

    Yes, I told her. The money they brought would go towards helping everyone.

    "Did alot of people die?"

    Yes, I told her. Many lives were lost, but they were now with our Father in Heaven, free from any type of pain or suffering.

    "But what about the people who didn't die? Will they be okay?"

    It was a trickier question, as we can clearly see from the news and papers those who are still with us are suffering enormously. I told her that eventually, those in Haiti would begin to recover. It would take time, but they wouldn't be on their own. People from all over the world were coming to help. They were bringing food, water, supplies, money-anything and everything they could bring to help them during this time. What we could do for them was pray.

    Then eldest asked, "But will my prayers be enough?"

    I assured her that yes, her prayers were more than enough, especially since she would not be alone. Thousands upon thousands have spent their time praying for those in Haiti, and will continue to do so. And when people come together in prayer our Father is closest to us.

    We looked at the verse in Matthew 18:20 where this was said so plainly: "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them."

    It gave eldest great comfort reading these words, knowing that even thousands of miles away, she was doing something to help on a spiritual level. We prayed together, focusing our intentions on everyone in Haiti, giving praise to those who are there or heading there to help.

    Prayer is powerful,and no, it isn't the only way to help during Haiti's time of crisis. But it is the one resource we all have plenty of and always have time for. It takes moments, even seconds, and every little bit helps.


    And you know know what they say: a little goes a very long way.

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    JMW said...

    What a beautiful sentiment.

    Maria said...

    I actually love the part where she asked if her prayers would be enough...I feel the same way!! Great verse to share to support your answer!! So inspirational

    sara said...

    What a lovely post - your eldest has a heart of gold.

    Sweet Nothings said...

    oh bless that little heart

    CK said...

    Beautiful post! Loved it.