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    Preparing To Sell: Eldest's Room

    Monday, February 22, 2010

    When you have a home that is going on the market, the familiar, and somewhat comforting presence of your cluttered countertops and tables become your greatest foe.

    You may spend more time than you'd like trying to dispose of things or find new homes for them.

    My daughter's room is no exception.

    Her chest of drawers is a host to many things that don't belong there-with the exception of her school items.


    Yes, that is a Santa hat.

    I'm sure it was a jumbled mess to only my eyes, but to eldest, the whole shebang made complete sense. She knew where everything was and what it was for.

    But it all had to go. Our agent is a wonderful woman, and encouraged us to keep our home looking like one for a family, but I suspected keeping the clutter as it was would be pushing it.

    So in the middle of our weekend filled with glorious sunny, warm days, not only did we make time for fun, finishing school projects, and making delicious dishes, we also finished eldest's room.

    And it is now ready to be seen by all who will want to buy our home.

    Come and see, won't you?

    Let's remind ourselves how eldest's chest of drawers looked before:


    And now:


    What a difference! All that remains are her camp picture, the French lamps (which we've gone ga-ga over), and my favorite piece: her fish art from first grade. I love decorating with her artwork.


    Her closet is neat, organized, and purged of all too-small clothes.


    Some were donated, some were sold. Each article of clothing has been hung according to item: school uniforms, shirts, pants, skorts-now they all hang in their appropriate place.

    Her cameo backed chair Mother and I found in a Mississippi (and I say this with complete affection) junktique store for $25 is devoid of extra sleep friends and toys.


    God bless the child for emptying the room of her most cherished possessions.

    This weekend as we cleaned her room it was time to wash sheets as well. This is one chore both children thoroughly enjoy.



    Who doesn't love the feel and smell of sheets fresh from the dryer?


    While they washed and I re-organized the closet, the children took the time to play on top of a very un-made bed.


    They romped and jumped and they laughed with delight.



    But finally eldest's sheet were clean and dry and once again, the bed had to be made. It, too, is ready to be seen and shown!


    My heart just melts at the sight of eldest's bedding. My mother and I made it together-mother doing the more laborious work such as the bedskirt and drapes. She's a very talented seamstress and I didn't want to mess up the silk fabric.


    We combined eldest's favorite colors and the most wonderful fabrics from Calico Corners. We wanted it to be young, but something she could easily grow with. For these reasons we gave her duvet cover two sides.

    The top is a colorful, playful Asian motif.


    Considering she is Chinese, we knew eldest would love it.

    The flip side covers her white matelassee. When she's older, if she decided the top of her duvet is too "little girl" for her tastes, all she has to do is flip it over to this cheerful yellow and white check.


    These may not be things that potential homebuyers will see or even appreciate, but they mean alot to me and to my sweet girl.

    What means even more are the touches my daughter has made. She's made her room uniquely her own with things that she loves. They still remain even with the cleaning that's been done.

    The fish art is just one piece. There's also her bedside table. It holds some of her faovrite and personalized things.


    It has her books,


    her favorite family photo and her Hello Kitty clock.


    She doesn't like it, as in, really doesn't like it, so she jazzed it up with some Spiderman stickers. Hey, that's how my girl rolls: feminine on the outside, complete tomboy on the inside.

    And of course, her favorite thing in the entire room, her white tiger Zuzu.


    It would not be eldest's room if Zuzu were not present.

    I'll show you the wee one's room next-and a few more as the weeks pass. Not only will it be fun as I like to share, I think it will give husband peace of mind knowing the house is actually in good shape to be shown.

    I can't wait to show you more!

    Also this week: meatless meals. It's Lent, which means if you observe it, Friday's can can cause meal dilemas. I'm going to show you how it can be done quickly and deliciously!

    I'll see you soon. Happy Monday, all!

    4 Responses to “
    Preparing To Sell: Eldest's Room

    paula said...

    Looks great. I am an organization freak so this makes me giddy.

    JMW said...

    Her bedroom is just lovely! The colors, the duvet, all it seems perfectly suited for her. Good luck with the house showings.

    Ruth said...

    The alarm clock cracks me up. But it is so Maddy

    Jan Jessup said...

    Dear Elizabeth,
    What wonderful photos of your children! And kudos to you and your mother for doing such a great job with the bed ensemble and the window treatments--so much more distinctive than bedding with licensed cartoon characters all over it! Your daughter may not fully appreciate this now, but she will in the years ahead. And thanks for being a Calico Corners customer. Happy decorating!