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    Blossoms and Bobos

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    What is it about the weekends these days? It's like they take their own vacation from winter and give us a delicious taste of springtime.

    Simply delicious.

    Thank you weekends! Because of you, we've been able to:

    Throw the windows open and let the children run around outside in a single layer of clothing.



    They've been in sandals and bare feet,


    Eldest has been busy corralling our wandering wanderer,


    while both younger blossoms have enjoyed sibling chats and games in the not-so-green grass.


    It's just been glorious.


    Of course, with the yin comes the yang. But weekend, it's not your fault. None of us blame you even a little.


    The wee one earned his first stripe as a toddler boy on Saturday: a scraped knee.



    No doubt there will be plenty more. He has a tendency to leap before looking-and this happened while he was doing such a leap.

    Boy, does that Neo-To-Go come in handy.


    He wasn't very upset or in pain, just surprised. He fussed at his leg, pointed at it and gave it what was undoubtedly a very firm lecture about the importance of playtime and how it must never be interrupted.

    Especially by something as trivial as gravity and concrete. How dare they put a kink in the fun!

    Weekend, you were off the hook.

    It wasn't anything a cup of juice and "Yo Gabba Gabba!" couldn't cure, but we did finish our play indoors after the scraping of the knee.

    I'm pretty sure that caused more tears than the actual bobo. And did you see that pitiful tear trail on his little cheek. Edible and heartbreaking all at the same time.

    Coming up...eldest and the playroom reveal.


    She worked her non-existent tush off for two weekends to get it (meaning the closet) ready to show our potential home buyers. It looks so much better.

    But first, five more days until husband is home! HURRAY!!!


    Enjoy your Sunday evening all!

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    Blossoms and Bobos

    Ruth said...

    So cute about Jaxs talking to his knew