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    La Plates And Hours

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    I'd like to think with our move to Tokyo I've been pretty thorough about considering our needs. Most have been provided by husband's firm, which is such a blessing. This move wouldn't have been possible otherwise.

    It's the small things we need to take care of ourselves. I'd mentioned the need for a new blender and coffee maker, the neat new dishes we have from IKEA, and the gorgeous Ikat bowls from Anthropologie thanks to the very generous Dish Fairy.

    But had I mentioned our glassware and utensils? No?

    Well here they are!


    These are IKEA's Godis glasses. There was something very appealing in their perfect cylindrical shape that caught both our fancy. And honestly, who wouldn't want to feel like a goddess? Sorry husband, just embrace it.


    Our everyday silverware is called Dragon, which is, yes, I realize, very apropos.

    I was thinking about these items and eating dinner together once again in our high-rise apartment, when a thought occurred to me: what was the wee one going to eat off of?

    We have plates for him to eat off of here, but none in Tokyo. He's just not ready to eat off of the porcelain ones. The reason why? He has a tendency to accidentally knock things off the table while eating-his plates being no exception.

    It doesn't happen often, but when it does I thank God his plates can't break. He'll grow out of it in time, watching where his arms and hands fly during the course of a meal. Until then, however, he'll need special plates.

    Preferably really cute ones.

    In my experience, melamine is the way to go and Target sells them in surplus. I found some very cute plates and bowls for the wee one and as a bonus, they were on sale for $1.50 a piece.

    melamine plates

    melamine plates 1

    The "YUM" and "Blue Monkey" plates and bowls were all rimmed in orange and a light blue, so I thought-like the big geek that I am-they'd look great stacked in our cabinets. And they do!

    If I could though, I would have ordered custom melamine plates through this fabulous company called La Plates.You can find them here. I'm not even going to tell you why, instead I'll show you.



    Don't they just make these table settings look so special?



    Maybe it's the monogram lover in me, but aren't they GORGEOUS? And can you believe they're melamine? They don't break and they're beautiful. I can't think of a better combination-which almost makes up for the price. Still, it's a bit much to want to get both salad and dinner plates.

    But if I could? I'd get four of each as seen in the last picture: the square pattern in black with the center square monogram "Q" in khaki.

    In fact, I entered a giveaway on Little Green Notebook's website offering a chance to win exactly this. If you're interested follow this link here, and read the instructions. It's fun just to play around with the various designs on La Plates website as well as the colors.

    To win, that would just be extra nice.

    But if I want to talk about something really nice-something truly wonderful-I'd tell you that this guy is going to be home in mere hours. Yes. Hours!!


    We cannot wait to see him and enjoy these next few weeks together.

    Wishing you all as wonderful a weekend as the one I know we'll have.

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    La Plates And Hours

    Ruth said...

    Enjoy your time with Shannon.
    And now I have ideas for Christmas.