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    Snow Day Take Three

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    It happened. From morning until evening the snow came down for the third time this winter. It fell heavy and fast by our house.


    It's unusual, but we didn't mind. Snow is a fluffy, smile-inducing, magical event in the south.

    I decided since it was falling-and sticking-though only skirting on top of the grass, it was time to get the wee one back outside.


    It was time he gave snow another chance.

    Secretly, I believe they would be the closest of friends if they gave it a shot.

    He was wary at first.


    He carefully walked around the yard, listening to the grass crunch under his little feet and observing the melted trail he left behind.



    It tickled his fancy and soon enough, he was back on the patio dancing in the fallen, melted snow.


    He had a blast...





    ...for five minutes. Then he was ready to return indoors.


    And when this boy wants to return indoors, you better believe it's the better option.

    Did I really want a repeat of this?


    Poor petite. Goodness no!

    We warmed up in the great room with a delicious snack, and alternated between "Yo, Gabba Gabba!" and watching the "birs" play in the snow. Much like the wee one, they seemed to enjoy hopping around from here to there, leaving their tracks in the snow.




    Any idea what type of "bir" this is? I love the orange on its breast-beautiful!

    Once we were done playing inside, the snow was falling harder than ever. Eldest was still in school, and concerned that we'd have an unplanned snow day, the wee one and I left the "birs" to make our necessary trips to prepare for such a day.

    Into the car we went!


    The roads were perfectly fine, so I knew my favorite locale Starbucks would be up and running. And it was!

    We grabbed some drinks, headed to Target, and was surprised by the lack of snow in the Uptown area. It only took 15 minutes for that to change.



    This was the mini-"blizzard" we drove through to get eldest at school. Blessedly, it all but stopped by the time she got out.



    Silly girl!

    We returned home cold, tired, and ready for warmth. The fireplace needed to be turned on in the most desperate of ways and can I tell you? It made all the difference while we prepared dinner.


    No worries, all. The bebe was on the other side of the fireplace-it's double-sided.

    We went to sleep, hoping for another snow day as this was the last thing we saw:


    But I guess it wasn't in the cards this time. I can't really say we're complaining, though. It's a gorgeous sunny day and doesn't that just boost your mood and your energy?

    I know it does mine.

    Enjoy your Wednesday, all!

    5 Responses to “
    Snow Day Take Three

    Ruth said...

    I am glad he enjoyed it this time

    JMW said...

    My SIL and I were e-mailing each other yesterday and she was telling me about the snow in Charlotte. Her boys are enjoying it, that's for sure! (Again, your little guy is adorable! And his green cords are so cute!)

    Elizabeth said...

    cute pics as always! i would guess the bird is a robin.

    sara said...

    As always, such a lovely post and the pictures are beautiful. I'm glad the little one had a better experience with the snow this go around.

    Oh, and thanks for the sweet post about my grandfather. No need to apologize for the "radio silence" as you obviously have a lot on your plate right now!

    Heather said...

    What fun pictures! We (in this household, anyway) don't mind the snow, either. But for us, it's more a matter of just being so accustomed to it. (I always get a chuckle out of fellow northerners who get all complainy and bitter about the snow. I mean, we all live here. We're all used to it, right? It's not unexpected. Some people...I swear.) Anyway, it's fun to see southern kids getting such a thrill out of their snowfalls!

    I think your bird is an American Robin. They are very common up here, but they migrate away in the winter. For us, sighting the first robin of spring is always a big deal.