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    Day One Fun

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    It's so funny how the appearance of one person can change the dynamic of a house.


    My friend Ruth is such an individual. She's been one of my closest and dearest for almost 15 years, and a complete ray of sunshine. She has to be the most thoughtful, lovely, hilarious person I know. But what makes her most precious to me is not only her ability to be the best friend possible even while states apart, it's that she loves my children dearly.

    And they love her.

    See the wee one here?


    He was so excited to see her-eager to dance, sing, smile oh-so-brightly for her-he wore himself out before we could pick up eldest.

    And that never happens.

    He never sleeps in the afternoon.

    He was just that excited to see his Aunt Ruth. In fact, he was so excited he wore himself out to the point where he only managed to get one shoe off before passing out in the back seat.


    It was sweet, and worked out nicely. My friend and I were able to gab for a while and sneak in a delicious snack while he slept.


    He did wake before elest arrived, so we played, but once our sweet girl was with us, we headed home to play some more and cut up some beautiful bright green limes.


    Why limes you ask?

    To go with our frosty drinks,


    that accompanied our delicious dinner of quick taco quesadillas.


    Oh, yes, the recipe is going to follow!

    They were fabulous, very easy to prepare, and a delight to eat with our special houseguest.

    The whole day was a triumph,


    and it was only day one.

    Day two...here we come!!!

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    Day One Fun

    Ruth said...

    You love getting shots of me eating. I was so trying not to chew too
    It has been a blast so far