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    I Will Collect You

    Friday, May 28, 2010

    Dearest Gien,

    I recently came upon your Sologne dinnerware in Simply Southern Magazine.

    It was love at first sight. I was smitten.


    From the animal motif's to the elegantly painted leaves, feathers, and branches along your fine bone china, there was nothing about your dishes that I didn't love. It made me want to book a one way trip to France immediately, just so I could see what inspired your beautiful dishes.

    I could see myself serving my family a sumptuous meal on your plates while in Tokyo, and they'd be just at home-if not more so-in our next home once we return stateside.

    Your coffee mug with rabbit motif?



    Your soupiere?



    Your dinner plate with warm earthen tones and delicate sweeps of color?


    Completely enamoured.

    I have decided since my reaction to you was so immediate and intense, I must begin to collect you. I know it will take quite some time, but I am a patient woman (sometimes). I will scour consignment and antique stores, search for you at shops such as Replacements. It will be worth it to see your collection build within our home. It will be worth it to share you with family and friends, then pass you down to my children.

    Thank you, Gien, for creating something so rustic, yet elegant and appealing. I am not a game hunter, nor do I intend to ever delve into such a pastime. But I know many who do. It's part of the southern backbone. For many it speaks of tradition and time spent with family, and I believe that is something everyone can relate to.

    It's going to be hard to leave the places I've lived in to move to a completely new country. But looking at your pattern reminds me of what I'm coming back to.

    The South. Home. And hopefully, many of your dishes.


    Elizabeth (your newest, and very ardent admirer)