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    Wednesday, May 12, 2010

    In the past few months I've received many an email or question about the wee one's John-John's.


    They are cute, aren't they? John-John's are what I consider to be a quintessential wardrobe item for every little boy. Not only are they precious, they're practical; great for year round wear.


    Wear them without shirts during the warmer months,


    layer a shirt of your choice when it's cooler.


    They come in shorts and longalls, making your options endless.




    You really cannot go wrong when dressing your little scallywags in a John-John as they're appropriate for both casual and dressier occasions.


    These are simple all in one outfits, and they get tons of wear.

    Consider this: most outfits your children outgrow are put away never to be seen again once they hit a growth spurt. But not the darling John-John's. All you have to do is lower the buttons on the arm straps and suddenly your little one has an outfit that lasts anywhere from a few more weeks to months.

    John-John's stretch your dollar.

    Unfortunately, they can also cost a pretty dollar as well.

    Some of them. Not all, but definitely some of them.

    This brings me to a question from Mrs. Alex P, from Growing On Gettysburg. She's a new blog friend living it up in Indiana with her husband and precious little boy, Liam Alexander.

    "Where is your favorite place to buy John Johns? I'd love to get some for my son for the summer!"

    Mrs. Alex P's wee one is six months old. If she's anything like all the other mom's out there, she wants to outfit her little one in cute clothes, but not break the bank doing so.

    Can you blame her? Children grow so darn fast.

    So to Mrs. Alex P and all the other mother's who wonder where the best place is to purchase such darling frocks, I'm happy to offer my own personal thoughts.

    Honestly, I'd love to be able to go into the lovely boutiques around Charlotte and buy John-John's straight of the rack. But when one of these items can cost $35-and that's without monogramming or smocking-I settle for browsing, then making a mental list of what I really like.

    And then I head to ebay.

    You won't always find what you're looking for, oftentimes you'll find something better. But you'll always find great prices. You can get top of the line brands such as Annavinni, Amanda Remembered, and Bailey Boys dirt cheap.

    This little John-John?


    Three dollars. Free shipping. You cannot beat a deal like that!

    Ebay is a great place to find John-John's as well as other baby items for very low prices.

    Just make sure you do a few things first before you bid.

    1.) Always check out the seller and their score. My rule of thumb? If their score is less than a stellar 100%, look at their reviews and find out why.

    2.) Don't forget to calculate shipping into your bid. Sometimes the seller offers free shipping, other times, the cost of the outfit is so low they make up for it with exorbitant shipping prices.

    3.) Set a limit on how much you're willing to spend. Some outfits-especially around the holidays-will generate bidding wars and you can very easily get caught up in the buzz surrounding it. If you're not careful, you'll become a mad bidder and wind up with a darling ensemble with a not so darling price-tag attached.

    4.) If you have questions about the size or how it fits, ask the seller. Any good seller will get back to you promptly with a knowledgeable answer.

    I'm not trying to discourage anyone from shopping through ebay by telling you to take a few precautionary steps. I just think it's smart shopping and a good way to make sure you're getting what you want.

    If you're not keen on using an online store such as ebay or Craigslist, I suggest looking up your nearest consignment stores, Junior League warehouses, and maybe even swap clothes with your girlfriends who have children. These are other great ways to find the clothes you want for super affordable prices.

    It will take a little finger tapping and maybe a bit of leg work, but for that extra bit of effort look what you can find!



    Your little boys and girls are this little only once, and personally, I embrace getting to dress them up in cute outfits because these moments will pass far too quickly.

    Trust me. I have a ten-year old daughter that was in diapers yesterday. Or at least that's how it seems.

    I know there are Daddy's out there who roll their eyes at the thought of their babies wearing John-John's, so pat their shoulders, kiss their cheek, and offer them some reassurance. Soon enough their sons will be beyond the toddler years and wearing typical little boy clothes.

    Why not enjoy it for these few short years and have some fun?

    Just be sure to capture those memories along the way.

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    Mrs. Alex P said...

    Yay! Thanks for all of the awesome tips! I can't wait to see what i find for him :-) I'll keep you posted.

    Maria said...

    he is such a cherub!! the ikat fabric on my roman shade is from ballard designs, just click on their fabric and you will see it!!! oh and stock up now because there are very few companies that ship overseas, mainly target, walmart, and overstock!!!
    hope this helps!

    Elizabeth said...

    i adore john johns and if i had a boy he'd be wearing them. one lady said to me once that her son was going to dress like a boy and not wear those. i thought, 'he has plenty of time to dress like his daddy in cargos and plaid shirts.' to me, there is nothing more precious than john johns, especially smocked and personalized!