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    They're Here!

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Since Monday evening, these wonderful people have been playing, laughing, and cooking with us.


    We are so happy to have my parents here! It's been such a wonderful couple of days. Of course, because they're here it brings also brings a slight knell-signifying our final days in Charlotte, and within the country.

    Even so, from early mornings,


    to the afternoons and evenings, we've been having a wonderful time.


    We are fortunate to have movers that will be packing up everything for us, but my parents are taking back some of our more valuable possessions: china, crystal, silver, the children's baby clothes, art projects, linens, pictures, books. We know our other things will be in a climate controlled storage unit, but things happen.

    If the wee one's baby clothes, the children's christening gowns, eldest's projects and art from the past few years were damaged or lost in anyway my heart would simply break. Those are irreplaceable items. The other things are incidentals, but they still mark wonderful moments in our lives as a family.

    We're playing it safe.

    I can't thank them enough for their constant help and support. They're terrific people. So terrific in fact, yesterday they offered to watch the wee one so I could have a little bit of "me" time.

    It was very sweet, but without the little guy attatched to the hip, I had other ideas. After picking up eldest, we had an impromptu date with two of our favorite men:


    Ben & Jerry's.

    There is something very important about the bond between a mother and her daughter, and it should be nurtured, treasured, and enjoyed endlessly.

    Yesterday we nurtured one another over milkshakes as we basked in the sun.


    We haven't had much quality time this year, and if there's one thing I absolutely cherish it's time with my daughter. After eight years of just the two of us, I think I've done a good job of maintaining our closeness since the birth of the scallywag. This year, though, it's been tougher to find that one-on-one time.

    We manage it in the evenings after the bebe's asleep, but often we're both tired. Happily, we enjoy just snuggling up in bed, talking as the sun sinks into the horizon.

    Still...there's something about sharing giggles and stories over tea or a nice meal. Bonding over books in a narrow book isle or striking poses in boutique mirrors bring us so much joy. We haven't had much of that recently.

    But we'll soon be a family of four once again, and I forsee us having many mother-daughter adventures when we're in Tokyo!

    More to share soon~come back and see what I've fallen in love with!

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    They're Here!

    Ruth said...

    Glad y'all are enjoying your time

    sara said...

    Have a wonderful visit with your parents! Happy Memorial Day weekend!