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    Visit With A Friend Part Deux

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    It's funny how things fall into place when you're least expecting them to.

    As I was reading through a local magazine for upcoming weekend events, one jumped out at me: Concord's "Spring Into Arts" Festival. It sounded like something we would all enjoy: local artisans, food vendors, music, and activities for children all located within historic downtown Concord.


    Sounds like fabulous fun, doesn't it? Eldest thought so too, and when it turned out it fell during Ruth's visit, it seemed almost meant to be. We simply had to go.

    When Saturday morning dawned, and the wee one woke from his morning nap, we headed north towards an afternoon of great fun!

    Downtown Concord is small town America at it's best. Everything about it was charming-especially the valiant attempts to preserve its history.


    From advertisements painted along the bricks of store-fronts, to the antique clocks anchored on every corner, there were elements around the town that seemed frozen in time. Life seemed to move a little slower in Concord, and even with the bustle of the festival that gentle pace remained.

    It added to the entire experience.

    The day was pretty warm, but we were able to enjoy ourselves from the moment we arrived until we left. We only had one absolute "must" on our list for that day: enjoying the fried oreos heralded on the website.

    Reading the map together, Ruth and eldest deduced which way we had to go for these delicious treats.


    We only had to take a few steps towards the town's library before we located them. A very sweet couple was frying up mini-donuts in the front of their tent, and almost secretly whipping up the oreos in the back.

    Thankfully eldest has a nose for such things and was able to poffer an entire plate in no time.


    We all took an oreo and delighted in every single warm, gooey, chocolaty bite.


    I think eldest described the fried oreo's best, declaring they tasted like beignets with an oreo inside. And she was right! The fried, doughy exterior of the cookie was so close to the beignets we eat at Cafe du Monde, I had to wonder what they used for their batter.

    I'm on the hunt to find out!!

    It took no time to polish off the small plate so we ventured further into the festival. In one direction there were tents for snow balls, the oreos and donuts, and strawberry shortcakes. Lining the streets and behind the tents were beautiful looking stores which we intended to visit once we'd had enough of the heat.

    Heading towards the library we hit the children's area, but neither one were really interested in doing the activities. Eldest wanted to look at the book fair by the old library and the wee one was fascinated by the girls and boys performing songs from "Hair" and "Godspell".


    They were also performing small plays from favorite children's books. One series I read to eldest all the time as a child were the "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" books. Wouldn't you know what one of the plays were that day?


    It may have been years since she even cracked open those books, but we had to get a picture of her with the mouse.

    Eldest was happy to go along with it. I think she remembers these books fondly as well!

    We were a little disappointed by the selections at the book fair, but we knew there was so much more of the festival to see. We headed down towards the artisans and saw wood workers,




    and people honing other skills such as jewelry making, sculpting, and...


    belly dancing?

    It was a sight to see, but then so was this gentleman with his lady friend.


    I'm sorry. His shirt just made me laugh. I had to capture it on film.

    I also had to capture a few more delectable eats we had along the way!

    This interesting meal on a stick? They're called chipstix.


    As it's a UK invention, only two vendors in the entire US make these. One happens to be in Concord. Taking an entire potato and putting it on a spit, it's spun around and sliced until it looks like a long spiral. Once it's dipped and fried, you can choose any of twelve flavored salts to shake on it.


    Ruth's a traditional girl and chose cheese. And can I tell you how delicious the chipstix were? Truly marvelous.

    But nothing compared to the desserts found at The Chocolatier.

    It was a first-rate chocolate shoppe with the most beautiful, tempting creations. They could have been featured in any magazine, sold in the finest stores and restaurants around the world. But within a tiny corner boutique is where The Chocolatier found its home. Concord is fortunate to have them.

    We were fortunate to eat there!


    That is the oreo cheesecake. It doesn't look like any slice of cheesecake you've ever seen, but it was the best thing I have ever eaten. The exterior was completely covered in chocolate-and it wasn't a hard candy shell. It melted the moment your fork touched it.

    The children and I took turns digging in, and we were left very satisfied; filled and covered in chocolate.

    ruthsmaytrip2010 307

    Ruth also had a wonderful concoction: a peanut butter and chocolate torte.


    It was rich, dense, and so good-but it really required a glass of icy, cold milk to go along with it.

    Mom and Daddy, we're making a special trip to The Chocolatier when you arrive next week. Consider this your notice.

    The children also had little treats during our long afternoon out. Eldest enjoyed a ring-pop,


    and the wee one enjoyed his first lollipop.


    It was watermelon flavored and turned his little lips the sweetest shade of pink.


    We did have a few drinks along the way: lemonades and waters, we did some browsing in local boutiques, and I purchased a shirt for the little scallywag's second birthday. It's in less than a month and will take place in Tokyo. I want to make it special for him.

    We ended the day with another plate of fried oreo's, and we were all exhausted, though happy.

    Ok. Maybe only three of us were tired. The wee one was still bursting with energy!



    We let him roam about until we left, hot, tired, and so ready to relax in the comfort of our air-conditioned home.

    Saturday was by far a most enjoyable day. We were so glad to share it with Ruth!

    I'm thankful to have had four days with one of my best friends, happy to have shared it all with my children, and grateful to small publications like the local magazine that pointed us in the direction of the festival.

    I know where I'll be heading to look for fun activities for the weekend ahead!

    2 Responses to “
    Visit With A Friend Part Deux

    Ruth said...

    Excuse the pasty legs in the pictures.
    The fried oreos were a true treat. And the torte I had was great. Beth failed to mention that they had wines in the Chocolotier and would pair them with the wonderful treats.

    I already miss y'all

    sara said...

    Fried oreos, Chipstix, cheesecake and peanut butter and chocolate tortes?!?! I think I want to move to Concord! On second thought, not such a good idea for me, I'd triple in size in no time just eating all of the wonderful treats. :)