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    Visit With A Friend Part One

    Monday, May 17, 2010

    It's never easy to watch your friends leave, but looking back at the pictures from our long weekend have left me laughing and smiling.

    We had such a great time with Ruth. I just can't wait until she visits us in Tokyo! Imagine the mischief we could get into in another country.

    ruthsmaytrip2010 293

    As if we don't get into enough here, right?

    Ruth is always a fresh breath of air-my soul feels so much lighter when she's around. It would be fair to say her smile and easy-going spirit are infectious!





    We had some good down time, doing some light shopping and visiting with eldest during school.


    Eldest was helping to run a city that day and was working in the Mayor's Office as a clerk. She has a Katherine Hepburn/Annie Hall take on her business attire as you can see.


    It was a busy first two days, but we had such a good time.

    We even managed to squeeze in a little Merry-Go-Round fun!


    The wee one may be just a tiny bit in love with his Aunt Ruth. He enjoyed letting her carry him around everywhere we went, always lighting up when she entered the room.


    It was so sweet to watch her with my children.

    Of course, no visit with Ruth would be complete without a girls movie night.

    This time it spanned two evenings. Eldest chose for the first night, Ruth the second. Here's what we laughed ourselves silly to on Friday evening:


    Saturday night we were bone-tired from our time at the "Spring Into Arts Festival", but we were happy to relax and watch this adorable comedy:


    Ruth and I were so tickled, recalling the days of "jerk alert", the truffle shuffle, and Sloth-the lovable, yet deformed brother of the Fratelli boys who smelled like Phys Ed.

    Chunk's words, friends, not mine.

    But you don't think we enjoyed these films without something savory and sweet, do you?


    Don't be silly. We devoured these delectable morsels,


    and sipped chocolate chip cookie dough milkshakes from pretty glasses.


    I know they're only a snippet from our fours days of fun, but I think it's pretty clear how much enjoyment was had.

    If you come back tomorrow, though, you'll see just what we were up to in Concord at the "Spring Into Arts Festival".


    Two words, friends: fried oreos.


    They're just as sinfully good as they look and sound. So much so we went back for seconds at the end of the day.

    Want to see more? Come back and join in the festivities!

    4 Responses to “
    Visit With A Friend Part One

    Ruth said...

    It was a blast. Lots of laughs were had. I can't think of a time we didn't have fun together

    Mrs. Alex P said...

    Chocolate chip cookie dough milkshake!!! Oh my goodness that sounds amazing!

    Any chance you can send me the recipe? sgh131 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Lori Ellen said...

    I didn't think you could improve upon the original Oreo but....FRIED! This is not something I need to know about!

    sara said...

    Wow, what a great weekend you had visiting with your friend! Those snacks look fabulous, and those shakes - well, you're going to have to share the recipe for that one. :) I've heard of a lot of fried things in the South, but this is certainly the first I have heard of a fried Oreo - it is safe to say that I am intrigued...