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    Simply Southern Sunday

    Sunday, June 13, 2010

    Though it's actually Monday morning here in Tokyo, I couldn't very well let a weekend pass in the States without a "Simply Southern" entry, could I? I know it's Sunday where the majority of my family and friends are, so today will be a one time occurrence: Simply Southern Sunday.


    Needless to say, we arrived in our new home safe and sound. I may have caught a cold, and the hours may have been long (a 14 hour flight plus a bus and taxi ride),


    but we arrived in our beautiful high rise apartment, so incredibly happy to be together.


    Not surprisingly, eldest did beautifully on the flights, but the wee one shocked us all with how well he did! Asking a nearly 2 year old to behave and somewhat still for 15 hours is a nearly impossible thing. But for the most part, he really controlled his normal exuberant and very active self.

    Huge praises!!


    This little McCarty's pig on our dining room buffet is also praise-worthy. It's a reminder of home, the South, and of the things that will bring us comfort in our lives abroad. But it's also a gentle nod to all of the new and exciting things we're going to experience.

    I cannot wait to share each wonderful, amusing, disappointing, and sometime scary moments with you all.

    Until then, I'm off to prepare for some little scallywag's second birthday with a Starbucks in hand, family at my side, and a heart filled with the highest of hopes for the years ahead.

    Cheers y'all!

    3 Responses to “
    Simply Southern Sunday

    Ruth said...

    Glad you arrived safely. I love seeing that smile on my sweet nieces face

    Mrs. Cozy Home said...

    So glad you and your family arrived safely, and great to get a sneak peek of your exciting new digs!!

    Laurie said...

    Congratulations on your new journey! I know I don't comment often (or at all!) but I do keep up with your blog, Beautiful Lady! I truly loved Tokyo and was fortunate enough to have visited during cherry blossoms last spring! I know your family will adjust well before you know it and enjoy the new journey that has presented itself to you!