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    So Long Teachers, So Long Books...

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010

    Just when I thought my school days were far behind me, my Japanese lessons have begun.


    That's fine by me!

    I'm a bit of a language nerd. Learning a new dialect is like enjoying the finest chocolate: once I have a taste, the craving for more is insatiable.

    By far my favorite is French. I enjoyed the years I spent studying it, and still feel pretty comfortable using it in light conversation.

    French made learning-and singing-in languages such as Spanish, Italian much easier.

    Japanese isn't a romance language, though. It's a much bigger challenge as the speed is quicker, the words much longer, and though the Japanese are extremely courteous and do their best to assist the gaijin's-or non-Japanese-we're on their turf.


    To not even attempt to speak or learn their language would be something of an insult.

    No pressure!

    Kusunose-san, our language instructor, is sweet as can be and a stay-at-home mother like myself. No doubt it's given her infinite patience as a Japanese teacher. As most Japanese who speak English do, her words came quickly and lightly-which at times made it a little hard to follow her.


    She was so patient with both eldest and myself. She'd review things, go over them and allow us to stumble over words. I thought I was probably the poorest student she'd ever had despite my best efforts.

    It didn't help that the scallywag decided not to nap because he was so curious about our visitor.

    But Kusunose said my pronunciation was excellent! That's more than enough incentive for me to tackle my character writing.


    I even learned how to write "love", I was so thrilled with our first lesson!


    They're not kidding when they say these are survival language lessons either. After the afternoon we had attempting to get to one of eldest's schools for a visit, survival was keenly on my mind.


    I suppose I should hit the books and tackle a few more words and phrases, but first I have to get our apartment ready for tomorrow.

    Our curtain makers are delivering and hanging our new drapes, and then our air shipment will arrive!

    I cannot tell you how excited we will be to see our other clothes, shoes, bags, pillows, throws...ok, I can't even remember what else is in there.

    And that's half the fun! It'll be like Christmas in Jue for the Quon's.

    I'll be sure to show you the unfolding insanity, never fear.

    Until then, good-night. Jaa-mata(see you soon)!

    2 Responses to “
    So Long Teachers, So Long Books...

    Ruth said...

    You will have to teach me a bit before I visit.

    sara said...

    Good luck with your lessons! That certainly looks tough, but I'm sure you are up for the task!