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    Friday, June 4, 2010

    Time is seemingly relative, until you realize your movers will be arriving to pack up your worldly possessions in four days, and you're moving out of the country in eight.


    Is it really here? Has that time arrived? Yes, my friends, it seems it has. Thankfully, we had two of the best people in the world with us during the past week and a half.


    They not only provided wonderful company, but helped put my mind at ease by helping to pack up some of our more valuable items and take them-along with my car-to Mississippi.


    We may have also had a little extra help from the Scallywag Handyman.


    He's terrific. What's not so terrific?

    Let me simply say that driving my husband's very low-riding 1998 Honda Accord has been nothing short of underwhelming. I feel like I'm driving a bumper car and every vehicle on the road is either trying to run me over or run into me.

    That's how it is when you switch from years of operating an SUV.

    It's a little crazy, but so is not realizing how much stuff you have until it's on full display on your kitchen island.


    And by "stuff" I mean several china patterns, silver, Waterford crystal, and other various trays and platters.


    Thank God for my mother. She's earned the nickname "Bekins" for her incredible ability to pack anything and everything, and making it fit into seemingly unmanageable places.


    It's a gift I hope I've inherited!

    Watching my parents leave on Wednesday with fully-packed cars was hard.


    Really hard.

    I allowed eldest to miss school so we could all say our good-bye's.

    The children sat at the front door for a very long time after their Mimi and Didi left. The wee one is still looking around the house for them two days post departure.

    It breaks my heart to see him get excited as he runs into their room, then look very confused upon realizing they're no longer with us. He'll call for them as he runs around the house, and eldest will become upset, as she understands what he doesn't.

    Who knows when we'll see each other again?

    I certainly don't. It won't be forever, but distance certainly makes time seem longer when you're away from the people you love most.


    Eldest and the wee one seemed to have a silent conversation with one another after my parents left; their eyes saying alot more than words could at that moment.

    We have each other, and that's who we're going to have to lean on as we begin to adjust to our new lives abroad.

    Tokyo will afford us many opportunities that most families will never experience. The children will be exposed to many traditions and cultural differences that are going to further shape them; molding them to become a bit more worldly. They, as well as my husband and I, will experience what most only read and dream about.

    It's a real blessing.

    We're incredibly fortunate.

    But it doesn't quite take the sting out of missing family and home.

    These, however, do.







    I can only hope we'll see each other soon.

    Happy Friday all! I'll see you tomorrow on Simply Southern Saturday's.

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    Ruth said...

    It is still hard to believe it is so close to time for y'all to leave.
    Makes me so sad. But I know you will have wonderful stories to tell.

    JMW said...

    Oh, this post made me ache just a bit - what a bittersweet time, yet, like you said, exciting times are about to come. All the best to you and your family on teh upcoming move. Looking forward to reading about life in Tokyo!

    sara said...

    I can't believe the big move is already here. I can only imagine the flood of different emotions you are experiencing right now - I'm sure it will be tough at times, but lots of exciting adventures lie ahead for your family! So happy I'll be able to tag along for the adventure - all of your readers will get to live vicariously!