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    A Two Day Scallywag Celebration

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Happy second birthday to the most precious little scallywag on either side of the globe!


    My darling, beautiful boy with eyes always dancing, laughter always present, voice always heard, I'm convinced you are the reason "bouncing baby boy" was coined.

    You are always going in forwards, backwards, and sometimes sideways motion. How one child can contain so much energy is beyond me, but I've grown accustomed to it. I find myself in love with these different facets of who you are.

    They are precious and part of what makes you such a little firecracker.

    You're one of the brightest lights in my life. I've called you my miracle baby so many times, and you truly have been.

    You're your sister's biggest fan, your father's pride and joy, and my favorite little guy to pal around with.

    Many say you are the happiest, sweetest baby, and you certainly can be. Others have observed how quick and intelligent you are. This is also very true. But you are also very strong-willed, determined, and have an easily sparked temper.

    We know it's only because you can't fully express yourself with your words. In time, these things will be molded into attributes-things that will help strengthen you as you grow.

    And my, how you've grown! I still can't believe two years have passed since you were born

    Did you know I didn't cry when you were finally placed into my arms? You were doing enough for the both of us, and I didn't want to miss one single moment of being in complete awe of you.

    You were absolutely perfect.

    Do you want to know something else? When you're older you'll be able to look back and realize how lucky you were to have two days worth of birthday celebrations.

    Living half-way across the world gives you that distinct advantage. Today you turn two, though your actual birthday in the place you were born won't be for another day.

    I think that's incredibly sweet. Don't you?

    Today we're going out into the sunshine and cool breezes of Tokyo, Japan-you're new home-and we'll shop for a few things for our new apartment.

    We'll have a delicious birthday lunch and toast to you. Your father will go to Maison Kayser for some extraordinarily decadent birthday cream puffs. We'll place your "2" candle on top of one, and sing a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday" until your little hands turn bright pink from all of your clapping.

    Then we'll watch you dive in, make a wonderful mess of yourself and your birthday cream puff, and prepare for your true birthday celebrations all over again.

    Who said two's had to be terrible?

    It wasn't me, in fact, I'd say they're going to be pretty darn terrific.

    My son, my sweet bebe, my little buggy boy with a heart filled with joy, I love you. I adore you. I would gladly eat broccoli for you.

    And I wish you the happiest (first)second birthday any little one could ask for.

    All of my heart,


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    A Two Day Scallywag Celebration

    Ruth said...

    She really does love you Jaxes if she will eat broccoli. Though your Aunt Ruth would too.
    Happy 2nd Birthday sweet eldest nephew.