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    Cool, Cool, Cool Trick. YEAH!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010

    If you know Yo Gabba Gabba! you'll completely understand this post. If not, you'll still have to admit it's both adorble and hilarious.

    My son, the scallywag, works hard at perfecting his many talents.

    His most recent accomplishment: the spoon trick.

    First, he was diligent as he studied a peer, carefully watching as he managed to balance the spoon over his mouth not once-but twice!-without the use of his hands.


    The wee one wandered with his spoon. He thought long and hard, wondering if he was up to the task.


    Deciding his was, he began his many attempts in the art of spoon balancing.

    First there was the two-handed approach...


    then the one-handed attempt.


    And suddenly his hard work paid off!



    He was so pleased, he showed off his new COOL, COOL, COOL TRICK to DJ Lance and the rest of the Gabba gang-

    And his sister, and his Daddy, and yours truly until we were completely out of usable spoons. Yes, he did use a new and clean spoon every time he practiced.

    Le sigh.

    The sweetness and his obvious pride made up for it. It was totally worth the handwashing I had to do later.

    And the scallywag...


    has since moved onto other things.

    Time to make room for a toddler biker!

    4 Responses to “
    Cool, Cool, Cool Trick. YEAH!

    Ruth said...

    How cute!!!!

    Sarah - La Jeune Marie said...

    He is getting SO big!! I feel like I get to watch both of your children grow through pictures and I LOVE it!

    Neko said...

    Yo Gabba Gabba is crazily psychedelic. In the UK they've dubbed over the voices with a standard British accent. :/

    Michelle said...

    Too cute, he reminds of me of my oldest son at that age!